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May 05, 2008

Tools - Links Building Campaign - Complete Guide For WebMasters

Links Building Campaign Tools

Competitors Back Links

A good way to identify and find good link partners is to contact all those websites which are directly linking to your competitors. These linking websites can be easily identified using the search engine queries and commands for finding back links to a website as mentioned in the beginning of this guide.

The best way is to identify 10 or 15 big competitor websites and study the inbound links to those websites. This way you can identify hundreds of useful and quality link partners in a short amount of time. Then you can start contacting these link partners by email or by directly calling them for a link exchange.

Keyword Search

Another method used to find good link partners to exchange links with is to do a Keyword Search. This Keyword search can be carried out on any popular Search Engine like Google. Google offers a number of queries that can be used by webmasters to refine their search and find exactly what they are looking for. Examples of such Google Useful Queries are the intitle, allintitle, inurl and allinurl commands.

A combination of Search Terms like Add Link, Submit Link, Add URL, Link Submission, Resources, Link Partners etc. can be used along with a combination of your target Keywords and Key-phrases to find prospective link partners looking to exchange links with other related websites.

Taking the example of widgets, say you want to find websites related to the theme of widgets. You can search for the following terms on Google or any other Search Engine to find websites willing to exchange links and related to the theme you are looking for:

Widgets Add Link, Widgets Submit Link, Widgets Link Submission Form, Widgets Add URL, Widgets Link Submission, Free Widget Resources, Widget Link Partners, Widget Links

Similarly, the Google Specific Queries can be used:

intitle:widget links
This will fetch all indexed webpages which have widget appearing in the title or links appearing anywhere in the title of a webpage or both.

allintitle:widget links
This will fetch all indexed webpages which have both these KWs being used in the title.

inurl:widget links
This will fetch all indexed webpages which have widget appearing in the URL or links appearing anywhere in the URL of a webpage or both.

allinurl:widget links
This will fetch all indexed webpages which have both these KWs being used in the URL.

Directory Submissions

Directory Submissions should be one of the most important things that should be done especially for new websites. Submitting your site to directories is another way to get free incoming links targeting the most important Keywords. Many Web Directories are free to submit to and are also fast in approving the submitted links. Others will take 4 - 6 weeks to approve your link and include it in the listings.

Since all directories are divided into specific categories and sub-categories, it will always be easy to find a page in the directory where you can submit your link. Submission Policies for all the directories should be strictly followed in order to get fast approval of your submitted links.

Some large directories like DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory should be your first priority to submit a link. These directories are huge and get a lot of traffic and users everyday, and a listing in any of these popular directories can bring targeted traffic and users to your website on a regular basis. Moreover, directories like ODP are used by so many other web directories, and also by the Google Directory, so it will be highly beneficial to get a listing in DMOZ.

You can also look for ‘List of Search Engine Friendly Web Directories’ to submit your website links to. A big list of search engine friendly websites is also available on this website.

Forum Posts & Signatures

If your website is specifically related to a niche, you can promote your website on Forums that are specifically related to your website theme. Many forums allow you to use a signature in your posts, which can be very beneficial if your website is of interest to other posters and visitors to the forum. Similarly, mentioning your website inside the forum posts where possible can bring targeted links pointing to your website.

Actively participating on a high traffic forum can bring a steady stream of users to your website. If your website is specific to a region, promoting it in a regional community can also be extremely beneficial.

Blog Comments

Similar to Forum Posts, Blog Comments are another easy and convenient way to get free incoming links to your website. However, as with the case with Forum Posts, your blog comments should also be highly specific and useful for the readers of that Blog. Spammy Blog comments on unrelated sites will not be of much use. In fact, too many spammy Blog comments might harm your website and get it penalized by Search Engines.

Search Engines look for relevancy and themed links for a website. If your link is found on thousands of unrelated poor quality pages, it can be harmful for your website and Search Engines might end up showing a poor ranking for your website in the Search Results.

Link Baiting

Link Baiting is another very useful method of getting links to a website. This is a technique specifically used by Bloggers and website owners to a lesser extent. Link Baiting involves adding something really unique on your blog or website, which creates a buzz among the target audience. This content or new feature on the blog or website ‘baits’ the viewers which attracts them to link to or bookmark the interesting content. Link Baiting is a targeted technique, which falls under the task of link building, and attracts a lot of natural incoming links to a website or blog.

According to Matt Cutt “Link Baiting is anything interesting enough to catch people’s attention”

A properly created page can attract a huge amount of incoming links, with very little or no effort at all. These links can come from high traffic websites, like digg.com which can again bring a lot of targeted traffic to your website, and not to forget, lots and lots of natural links from other websites and blogs.

Unlike other link building techniques, where you contact webmasters to link to you, in link baiting you actually bring the links to you by offering something useful, unique or popular on your blog or website.

Article Writing

Article Writing is one of the most effective ways of building links to your website. It involves writing an interesting article related to your niche, and submitting it to article submission websites like EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticleAlley, ArticleBiz, ArticleCity, ArticleDashboard, EasyArticles and many more.

The submitted article(s) will have direct links pointing to your websites and its pages. Most of these Article Submission websites allow multiple links in the article body, which is a very convenient way of getting one way links to your website. The use of proper link texts and linking to internal pages can be the easiest way to get deep links to your website using appropriate anchor texts.

Press Releases

Similar to Article Writing, Press Releases are a very powerful method of getting hundreds of incoming links to your website. Properly Submitted Press Releases can get lots and lots of visitors to a website, especially if the press releases are submitted to popular news sites and syndicated to Google and Yahoo! News.


A common method of finding and contacting link partners is by sending emails. You can invite prospective link partners to do a link exchange by contacting the prospective website owner through email. The email can mention benefits of link building, or can be a simple request for a link exchange as the theme of the two websites is related to each other. Methods for finding good link partners and sample email templates that you can use to contact a site owner for link exchange are given in the coming sections of this guide.

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