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May 02, 2008

What Is RSS Feed? Tips Using RSS For SEO

What Is RSS Feed?
Tips Using RSS For SEO

What is RSS Feed :

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are used for updating your web content for Blog, Site and Articles. It is one of the best ways that update you web content and makes them available for the readers. RSS Feeds Reader is a tool that is used to real RSS feeds and so they are called as RSS FEED READERS.

Why we use RSS Feeds :

RSS is based on XML that is extensible markup language. Mostly used RSS types are RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0. Data in xml format is very easy to spread over the internet and make them available for users. It enables quick implementation by the web sites.

RSS Role In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As we all know that google and other search engines love fresh content. If your site is continuously updated, than your site will be quickly promoted as well able to get a well page rank. XML describe your web site data in markup language that is such as html. Search Engine spiders or crawlers read you web site updated data without any problem. It provides an easy crawling of your updated content to the web spiders or crawlers. Below are the benefits of RSS :
  1. Makes search engine spiders and users both to read updated information of your site easily.
  2. Search engines provide good ranking as crawler easily understand your web site content.
  3. Provide an easy way to update your web content without any extra work on your part.
  4. Best way to promote blogs as more readers and people subscribe to your blog you blog gets the more publicity on the internet.
  5. Spiders visit frequently if your web site content is updated continuously using RSS.
  6. Provide user a clear view of all the updated content thus user can make an easy selection of the feeds he wants to read as per headlines.
  7. It is know as widely known technique.
  8. It offer an automated content delivery
  9. It increased your web page presence on the web.
How to improve Performance of your RSS Feeds

Seo Tips Tricks for RSS Feeds Performance

You all know about RSS and its importance in seo. RSS feeds provide the exposure for your website on the net. There are some seo tips and tricks to increase the performance of your RSS feeds. These SEO tips will optimize RSS Feeds for search engines.

Google gives more importance to the title tag so try to make your feeds title meaningful. Title should be like that which tells best about your site and it should be incorporated with important search keywords. If your title is good and meaningful with proper keywords, you can get the maximum exposure on the web.

It has been seen that most of the feeds reader use alphabetical order for feeds presentation. It means if your feed begins with “Z” it will come in the last on the other hand if your feed starts with “A” it will be available if starting.

If you are giving external links in you content that always remember that it should be open in new browser instead of same. It will help to keep the visitors on your own website.

Submit RSS feed to many popular directories for better performance. There are many directories which accept Rss Feeds.

Use your logo or images in your RSS Feeds. It will increase your business identity, nature.

These are some of the most important SEO Tips Tricks for RSS feeds will definitely improve performance of your web feeds or rss feeds.

Notes :

Doesn’t use java script to describe RSS fees as spiders stop their feet when they find java script it their way. Therefore your content will be updated in script but actually it is not so. As when any web spider comes for crawling and finds java script code than it will leave that portion. So your web site content or cache page remains same in google index that affects your promotional activities.

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