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May 01, 2008

Link To Your HomePage ? Bad Idea - Try This One

Link To Your HomePage ? Bad Idea - Try This One

First of All. Are you happy with your Rank on the Search Engine? I'll bet u're still not satisfied enough. Wanna raise your rank? A Lot of people ussually trying to raise their rank by creating a numerous backlink from other's blog back to their homepage. What will happen when you're creating a backlink to your homepage? Wondering for the answer aren't you? In this blog I'll tell you the answer.

True or False: You want every page of your website to rank well for a specific keyword phrase relevant to that individual page?

True, of course! It only makes sense to optimize each individual page to multiply your website traffic potential - instead of relying on one single page: your home page. Wouldn’t you rather have hundreds - or thousands - of top rankings, than just one? Yes, of course!

Okay, so you realized that (great!). But did you know that the best way to get top rankings for internal web pages on your site is to.

Get Inbound Links

You knew that too, I imagine. Then WHY do you keep linking to your home page? Wait, let me stop there and just say that if you dont understand “SEO” (ie Search Engine Optimization) then you should download the Free SEO Guide by Dan Thies. Even if you think you know SEO download it anyway ;)

In order for a web page to rank well in the major search engines, it needs links pointing to it. These links - called backlinks, or inbound links - define your page. They should come from two places : other pages on your own website (called internal linking), and pages on other websites.

Obviously if you want every internal page of your website to rank well for its own specific keyword phrase, then you’ll need to get inbound links to those individual web pages. This is called “deep linking”.

It’s not just about search engines either - your website visitors will thank you! Think about it: when you are searching for something specific do you want to be dropped off at the main page and told “go find it yourself”… or do you want to be pointed to the exact information you are looking for? Exactly.

7 Practical Deep Linking Tips

Every time you link to your website, consider the absolute best (most relevant) page on your site to link to. To give you some ideas, here are just a few practical deep-linking ideas:

1. If you are referring to or introducing yourself, particularly when networking or building relationships, include a link to your About Me page instead of your main page.

2. When leaving a blog comment, use the URL field to link to something on your own site or blog that specifically relates to the topic of the post you are commenting on. Keep the related discussions connected!

3. Set up hub pages and squidoo lenses about micro-topics on your site, and link back to specific articles or pages in those categories of your site. You can have dozens, or even hundreds, so dont limit yourself.

4. Create your forum signatures manually each time you post on a discussion forum, and link to a page on your site that is relevant to the thread topic.

5. When submitting articles to directories or for syndication, choose the most relevant link back to your site for the byline of each article. Submitting a how-to on planting rose bushes? Link to the roses category, not the main page of your general gardening site!

6. Include reference links to specific web pages and blog posts when you participate on social sites such as: Yahoo! Answers, Twitter, Askville, MyLot, WikiHow etc.

7. When exchanging links with another site owner in your niche, interlink related pages on your sites with contextual text links. One-way links are best, so link out to their site from one page and let them link in to your site from/to another page.

Stop being general, and start being super specific with your links. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your website has good navigation, and that each individual web page contains a strong Call To Action. Remember: what makes visitors happy, usually makes search engines happy too.
Make sure your sites doesn't end up in the Supplemental Page. And remember don't do the Taboo Things.

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