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April 30, 2008

Download - DotA Allstars 6.52

Download - DotA Allstars 6.52

Finally, DotA 6.52 was released. It's not only me who got excited, isn't? Of course not. Every DotA Player surely won't miss this New Maps.

DotA Allstars 6.52 Maps - Download Links :

Please Let Me Know If There Is A Broken Link.

What's New On DotA Allstars 6.52 ?
  • Rewrote all item code and systems. It now supports things like properly tracking item ownerships, fusing recipes with a full inventory as well as fixing a lot of older miscellaneous bugs and usability issues, and setting groundwork for other things in the future
  • Fixed all CustomKey problems. All hotkeys in the game can now be properly remapped to any other hotkey
  • Map strings are now properly allocated to allow players with different language versions to play with each other without having to download multiple maps themselves. This means, for example, that you can play or watch games with your English version of the map with someone using a Chinese, Korean or Russian translated version of the map without any problems. The maps for the other languages will be posted on getdota.com alongside the English version for each release
  • Lowered side angles on Bristleback
  • Agility Morph and Strength Morph can now be clicked on directly for one-time use
  • Morph interval is smoother when it levels (same overall rate though)
  • Improved Elder Form attack animation
  • Improved cooldown progression on Soul Rip
  • Rewrote Timewalk to keep constant speed (so its not slow motion when you click nearby)
  • Dark Rift can now be cast by targeting minimap
  • Increased AutoQuills release requirement on Bristleback from 200 to 300
  • Improved cooldown progression on Primal Split
  • Improved initial AI on Dopplewalk image to make it less obvious when it's created
  • onic Wave cooldown no longer improves per level in non-scepter form
  • Reduced Reverse Polarity AOE a little
  • Reduced Dragon Knight's Breathe Fire manacost
  • Undid a portion of the cooldown buff done on Elder Dragon Form last version
  • Increased Huskar's attack range from 350 to 400
  • Lowered Puck's attack range from 600 to 550
  • Increased level 2 and 3 Purge's damage to summoned unit
  • Lowered Faceless Void's strength gain
  • Improved Faceless Void's cast animation time
  • Increased level 3 Insatiable Hunger cooldown
  • Lowered Sand King's base armor
  • Improved cooldown progression on Spirit Bear
  • Lowered movement speed on Beastmaster's Hawk
  • Increased Abaddon's movement speed slightly
  • Scream of Pain manacost is now constant on all levels
  • Increased Primal Roar cooldown by 10 seconds
  • Lowered Living Dead bounty and increased their magic resistance
  • Decreased Timelapse cooldown
  • Increased Immolation damage on level 3 Primal Split's Fire panda
  • Lowered Sven's agility gain
  • Improved Huskar's attack animation time slightly
  • Scaled the movement bonus on Chemical Rage (lower at level 1, level 3 remains the same)
  • Lowered Scepter upgraded Doom's cooldown
  • Increased cast range on Drunken Haze
  • Changed Fatal Bonds from damage to HP loss (numbers adjusted to keep it at the same effectiveness)
  • Lowered Medusa's attack animation time
  • Lowered Will O' manacost
  • Undid manacost change on Level 1 Reaper's Scythe
  • Slightly reduced Rikimaru's cast animation time
  • Scattershot gives vision on the area it is cast on
  • Flesh Heap now works with denies
  • Lowered cast range on Neutral Dark Troll's Ensnare
  • Increased cooldown on Neutral Dark Troll's Raise Dead
  • Items now have muted form when carried by non-owner (aside from a few exceptions like regeneration and leaver items). -pm can be used if you want to allow pooling in your games
  • Improved basic item's descriptions layout and presentation (133979)
  • Flying Courier cannot carry Observer Wards from enemy base
  • Lowered transmute bounty on previously untransmutable creeps (lvl 6)
  • Change Sange and Yasha recipe costs and bonuses it gives as well as fixing some minor inaccuracies with it
  • Flying Courier can no longer carry Aegis
  • Added Blades of Attack to the Goblin Shop
  • Increased the Fountain's bottle autofilling range
  • Increased Diffusal Blade's agility bonus by 5 (carries through to Manta Style)
  • Lowered Black King Bar duration slightly
  • Increased HP loss rate when Armlet is activated
  • Improved Lina's projectile and visuals (170933)
  • Added allied only overhead cast effect for Assassinate (203083)
  • Listed maximum targets for Wrath of Nature in the tooltip (212395)
  • Added special effect when Berserker's Blood is stacked at a high level (176376)
  • Added special overhead allied-only text to show duration while channeling Unstable Concoction (196859)
  • Added a sound effect when Culling Blade kills a hero
  • Added new Power Treads icons for the agility and intelligence versions (207886)
  • Added an allied-vision only visual effect for Weave (139374)
  • Lowered volume on creep horn sound
  • Improved Dragon's Tail's visual effect (192582)
  • Added a new visual effect for Soul Assumption
  • Improved King Leoric's visual effects (180737)
  • Changed Mana Void visual effects (211058)
  • Removed status buff icon for Hunter in the Night when it isn't affecting him
  • Puck and Clinkz now have a chance to get an alternate "fun name" like Ursa
  • Fixed a fatal error problem when upgrading Flying Courier after reloading from saved game
  • Fixed some overhead text effects that would show through fog of war
  • Fixed a bug when either of Rot, Sand Storm or Storm Seeker are in the same area
  • Rewrote Juxtapose and Dopplewalk image creation to fix a rare minor bug
  • Fixed a minor bug with moving Lothar's Edge while not in cooldown
  • Fixed an exploit with Lanaya
  • Fixed Phantom Edge to properly stack with Magic Resistance like the others
  • Fixed a bug with Primal Roar that could occur when used on blinkers
  • Fixed a control loss issue in recent versions with Sand King when Burrowstriking
  • Rewrote Reverse Polarity to fix some rare issues with it stunning but not pulling
  • Fixed some minor bugs with Assassinate
  • Fixed World Tree and Frozen Throne towers not sharing bounty with allies
  • Fixed Sand Storm not affecting sleeping neutrals properly
  • Fixed the interruption requirement to leveling up Storm Seeker
  • Fixed a minor bug with the damage of Invoker's Tornado not syncing accurately with the cyclone effect
  • Fixed a minor bug with Dagger and Aegis creating blank dummy items in base
  • Fixed Centaur's Return from triggering off on ally attack order
  • Fixed a rare issue with not properly creating Haunt images (DonTomaso)
  • XL Mode changed to have 4 hero removals per side instead of 3
  • Minimap now does a special ping to allied players when a unit uses Scroll of Teleportation or Boots of Travel
  • Improved Scroll of Teleportation code to armor enhance the building you are teleporting to when you click in the area instead of only when directly clicking on the target
  • Various other map performance optimizations
  • Added lots of music modes. You must have music enabled to use these. Use '-music xxx' where xxx is one of the following added options: off, random, nightelf1, nightelf2, nightelf3, human1, human2, human3, orc1, orc2, orc3, undead1, undead2, undead3, other1, other2, other3, other4, other5
  • Added a new mode -poolingmode(-pm) to allow pooling
  • -lvlup now allows a number after it to level up faster in test games
  • Reduced delay on End Game scoreboard for Sentinel victory
  • -roll without specified number now does it out of 100
  • Added command -list for use in -sd to show the pick options again
  • Changed follow allied unit range to move closer to the target
  • Restored and fixed previous issues with -unstuck
  • Added a time delayed warning message when the game is in -test mode (some people have been abusing private chat to activate it before using -ah to clear the screen in order to use test commands to cheat without anyone knowing)
  • Added commands -rollon and -rolloff incase people spam with roll. Default is on
  • Added single player commands -killall/-killsent/-killscourge (169041)
  • Added a new mode -observerinfo(-oi) to display extra information for game broadcasters/observers when you hover over player heroes
  • Initial creep waves in -ap now spawn 30 seconds later
  • Added single player test command -time xx to set the time of day
  • Improved the text display on courier death
  • Added a new single player or -test mode subcommand (-noherolimit) that lets you get multiple heroes, primarily for video editors that have been requesting it
  • New Invoker story from the contest (Ike_Ike)
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How To Recover Lost Data ?

How To Recover Lost Data ?

Have you ever unintentionally deleted some important file? and them emptying the Recycle-Bin? or Have you formatted your disk drive but want your old data back? or Do you have an infected PC because of some Virus that makes your data disappeared? Here is the solution. Just read it ... It's Totally FREE.

Basically there are a lot of thing that can be done to restore your lost data. In here we are going to discuss about Third Party Software called Ontrack Easy Recovery. There are others Third Party Software that worth for trying like : recover all, or recover my files, etc.

First of all, you'll have to download this Software. Just Click Here To Download. Then Choose Download External Mirror #1. It's a Shareware, but it's free to try. Just let me know if you find the Crack. :). Sharing is everything on the net. Now, let's start the tutorial about the program.

If your lost data was located in C Drive, then you'd better installed the program on other drive (or other operating system). There are a lot of problem that can make your data lost, such as :

1. Virus.
2. Bad Sector.
3. Abnormal System Shut Down.
4. Formatted Intentionally or Unintentionally.
5. and Other Causes that haven't been mentioned.

This software can be used in Win98 SE, ME, 2000, or XP, hopefully it's worked on Vista (Haven't been tested yet, please let me know if it's worked on Vista). This software have 4 main features, such as :

1. Disk Diagnostics, Tools to check on your disk drive condition.
2. Data Recovery, Tools for recovering lost data / file.
3. Email Repair, Tools for recovering email data on Outlook Express that was deleted.
4. File Repair, Tool for repairing data / file for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and ZIP (winzip) file that been damages by some virus or abnormal windows shut down.

Let see this software features one by one :

1. Disk Diagnostics

* Data Advisor, option to make a recovery disk
* Drive Tests, option to test your disk drive physical condition
* Jumper Viewer, option to see the jumper position on your disk drive
* Partition Tests, option to check on your disk drive partition
* Size Manager, option to view your disk drive capacity
* SMART Tests, option to test Self-Monitoring Condition, Analysis and Reporting Technology on your disk drive

2. Data Recovery

* Advanced Recovery, option to find lost data that can't be recovered with another tools.
* Deleted Recovery, option to find deleted data.
* Format Recovery, option to find lost data on formated disk drive.
* Raw Recovery, option to find lost data using signature.
* Resume Recovery, option to resume data recovery process that have been pause.
* Emergency Media, option to make a disk or CD that can be used for recovering lost data.

3. Email Repair

Tools for recovering email data on Outlook Express that was deleted or lost because of something.

4. File Repair

Tool for repairing data / file for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and ZIP (winzip) file that been damages by some virus or abnormal windows shut down.

TIPS : Not All Data Can Be Recovered

1. The lost data will be more difficult to recover if you're adding new files after deleting or formating the disk drive. So, the latest deleted file will surely have a greater success rate then the older one.

2. It's ussually more difficult to recover your lost data if you're using Win XP with FAT32.

That's all for the Recovering Lost Data Tutorial. GOOD LUCK. Don't Forget To Leave Some Comment. :)

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How To Hack PDF File ?

How To Hack PDF File

Like what we all known, the PDF File ussually can only be viewed using PDF Reader such as : Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, or other PDF readers. This means that the file in PDF format was protected, & can't be editted be the reader.

But, do you know that with some few tricks we can Hack the PDF File. Changing a parf or even all of the PDF content?. Here is the solution :
  1. Convert The PDF File Using Third Party Programs, such as : PDF2Word. This Programs can Convert PDF to DOC File (Can be editted using MS Word), RTF, or even ODT.
  2. Editted the new converted documents using an appropriate programs, such as MS Word, or Open Office.
  3. Save the changes that you've made.
  4. Use the Third Party Programs (PDF2Word) again to convert the DOC, RTF, or ODT back to PDF Format.
  5. Good Luck.
Please Note : Don't do this just for fun or just for giving other some false information, be a professional & a responsible writer.

Download PDF2Word Here
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April 29, 2008

Want To Quit Smoking ? Try This One

Want To Quit Smoking ? Try This Solution

If you smoke, we recommend that you definitely read this article! This article will tell you everything that you need to know about quitting smoking. Even if you are not really keen on quitting and are not sure why you should quit, we still recommend that you read this article just for the fun of it!

If you know anyone who smokes, we recommend that you read this article and tell them about it or direct them to read this article too.

Like all the other articles on http://neobots.blogspot.com, this article too is written in a very practical and realistic way. We are NOT going to give you sappy “tips”! We shall explain to you things that will help you understand what you are trying to accomplish so that accomplishing you goal of quitting smoking is possible.

Now, firstly, just incase you think that you do not want to quit smoking, let us tell you a little about what kind of effect smoking has.

Want To Become Old Much Faster? - Then Smoke!

You see, as you become old naturally, your arteries that carry the blood all around your body become “hard” and “narrow”. Because of this, blood starts to clot in them and there will be blockages caused in your arteries, which leads to all sorts of different problems.

For example:

* If the blood clots in the arteries that supply blood to the heart, you will get a heart attack. (Coronary Heart Disease).
* If the blood clots in the arteries that supply blood to the brain, you will get a stroke, you can become paralyzed for life etc. (Non Hemorragic Stroke).
* If the blood clots in the arteries that supply blood to the kidney, you will have kidney failure. (Chronic Kidney Disease).
* If the blood clots in the arteries that supply blood to the legs, you might have to amputate your leg. (Buerger's Disease).

All this is generally caused with age. As people become old, their arteries start to harden and their blood starts to clot. But, you if you are smoking, you can make all this happen much earlier. If you are smoking you can become much older, much faster!

Your blood will start to clot 10 years before that of non-smokers (on an average)! While you are still young and providing for a family, who depend on you, one day, suddenly you will have heart attack and die.

It’s one thing to die when you are old. It’s a completely other thing to die when you have a family that depends on you. We are not telling you to quit smoking because it is bad for your health. It is bad for your health! But so what? We are telling you to stop smoking because you CANNOT AFFORD TO DIE when you have a family dependent on you.

Okay, maybe you do not have a family who is dependent on you. Then why should you quit smoking? Tell us, do you have around Rs.1 lakh to throw into a fire and burn. If I took Rs.1 lakh from you and threw it into a fire and let it burn, will you allow me? Obviously not! Well that would be the cost of hospitalization, if you actually were to survive a heart attack, stoke etc. But most likely you will just die. So the question is, do you want to die?

If you are young and think that you will quit smoking later on in life, then you can forget about it. You are never going to quit smoking. The chemicals involved in smoking, like nicotine, have severe effects on your brain such that quitting smoking becomes very very difficult if you have been addicted for too long. So, even if you are young and intend to have a family at some in the future, we suggest you quit now!

But, the effects stated above are just some of the effects that smoking can cause. Here are some other things that smoking can do to you.

* Do you want to go blind?
* Do you want to die of cancer?
* Do you want to your teeth to fall off?
* Do you want your gums to swell up?
* Do you want to look older with a lot more wrinkles?

If nothing else till now has appealed to you, then maybe this point will:

For Men

Do you want to have kids? Well if you continue smoking there is a pretty good possibility that you will not be able to. Smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) by about 50 per cent.

Erection can't occur unless blood can flow freely into the penis, so these blood vessels have to be in good condition. As we said earlier, smoking can damage the blood vessels and cause them to degenerate reducing blood flow and the pressure of blood in the penis.

This effect increases over time, so if you haven't got problems now, things could change later.

For Women

Do you want to have kids? If you continue to smoke, there is a pretty good possibility that you will not be able to have a healthy child. Babies born to mothers that smoke are generally underweight. Smoking is also known to cause many pregnancy complications, rupture of membranes that can lead to heavy bleeding and cause the deaths of both the mother and the baby.

So, do you believe us that it is a good idea to quit smoking? You do! Great. Then let us get right to it. But first, let us get to understand why it becomes so hard for someone to quit smoking.

Well, the biggest problem with smoking is that it is addictive. Now, this is easy to say. But let us try to understand what we mean when we say “addictive”.

Basically, addictive substances like alcohol, drugs etc. are so because they make you feel happy or good when you take them. You see, the brain has a certain system called the “reward system”. To put it in a very crude way, the “reward system” is a little reward that the brain gives you when you do something that is healthy for the body. For example, when you eat your food on time, you will get a little reward from your brain. This reward is generally in the form of momentary happiness. And this momentary happiness is caused by a chemical called “dopamine” that is released by the brain when ever you do something right.

Now, addictive substances are addictive because they get the brain to release some “dopamine” even though you have not done anything healthy to deserve it. Because of this, people who consume this addictive substances, have the “dopamine” flowing though their bodies and they are constantly with the feeling of happiness.

When they are bored or sad or stressed out, they want to consume something that will get the “dopamine” flowing though their body so that they feel good again. So over time, the body gets used to the constant happy feeling. If you take it away from them, they cannot live without it!

“Nicotine” is one of the chemicals in cigarettes that has this effect. So basically, to stop smoking, you will need to get over this “nicotine” addiction.

Please note:
To be completely fair, nicotine has some other effects too except for just making you happy. It increases your blood sugar rate, increases your metabolism, reduces your appetite etc.

Now, here is the most important part! When your body gets addicted to nicotine, your body gets used to being constantly happy. So there are some changes that take place in the “reward system” to cope with the constant intake of nicotine and the constant flow of chemicals like “dopamine”. Your body adapts to the high nicotine intake. The “reward system” has to change.

Now, if you take away the nicotine and quit smoking, the body remains in the changed state for some time. Because of this, you will constantly feel the need to have a smoke just after you quit. But, here is the good news. If you stay away from nicotine for just “a month” your body will go back to it’s original way of working and you will not feel the immense need to smoke any more.

So, if you want to quit smoking, just quit for “one month” that is all! One month! If you stay away from your cigarettes for one month, the immense need to have a smoke will go away.

We are not saying, that the temptation will go away. Years later, after you quit smoking, you might still be tempted to go back to it. But, if you last for that first month without smoking, the temptation will reduce dramatically. So if you want to quit smoking, the task is very simple and very hard. Don’t smoke for just one month!

So, get up now. Throw all your cigarettes away. Now! Then go and tell everyone you know that you have quit smoking for the rest of your life. Don’t tell them that you have quit. Or that you are trying it out.

Tell each and everyone you know, especially the people who mean the most to you, that you have quit smoking for the rest of your life. We are asking you to do this because we want you to commit to yourself that you have quit. Telling everyone you know is a good first step.


Now, this is a little complicated and we cannot give you the answer to this question. But what you need to find out is why do you find the need to smoke. Smoking gives you feeling of energy, alertness or happiness. Why do you think you need this feeling?

A large number of people smoke because their problem is stress. They see the “good feeling” that nicotine gives them as a way to cope with stress. That is why they smoke.

Why do you smoke? There must be a reason why you smoke. Find it out. If you too smoke because of stress, then it makes sense to deal with your stress problem. If you do not, so long as you have your stress problem, you will want to escape it by smoking.

One of the best ways to find out why you feel the need for smoking is to observe yourself and to see at what point of your day do you start smoking. What makes you want do this? Basically, you need to observe yourself and decide the answer to this question. Then you must solve the problem that causes you to smoke.

Avoid the rationalizations

Once you stop smoking, you will initially have to fight the very strong feeling that will try to get you to smoke again. Your mind will try to trick you into smoking by rationalizing it. Here are some common things that you might try to convince yourself about:

* I’ll just use it to get through this rough spot.
* Today is not a good day; I’ll quit tomorrow.
* It's my only bad quality.
* How bad is it, really? My uncle smoked all his life and he lived to be over 90.
* You've got to die of something.
* Life is no fun without smoking.

We are telling you this so that you know it is coming. You should know that this is what to expect. You should know that you must not convince yourself about these things. These are just tricks that your mind will try to play on you. Do not give in!

There are some other things that you can expect when you just quit smoking like anxiety, depression, stress etc. These will come initially. Be prepared for them.

Simple breathing technique

Here is a simple breathing technique to deal with the urges to smoke that you will have:

Every time you want a cigarette, do the following. Do it "three" times!

Inhale the deepest "lung-full" of air you can, and then, very slowly, exhale. Tighten your lips so that the air can come out slowly. As you exhale, close your eyes, and let your chin gradually sink over onto your chest. Visualize all the tension leaving your body, slowly draining out of your fingers and toes, just flowing on out.

This is a variation of a yoga technique and is very relaxing. If you practice this, you'll be able to use it for any future stressful situation you find yourself in. And it will be your greatest weapon during the strong cravings sure.

Stay Away From Alcohol, Sugar And Coffee

Do your very best to stay away from alcohol, sugar and coffee the first week or longer, as these tend to increase the desire for a cigarette. Avoid fatty foods, as your metabolism will slow down a bit without the nicotine, and you may gain weight.

Nibble on low calorie foods like celery, apples and carrots. Chew gum or suck on cinnamon sticks.

Stretch out your meals; eat slowly and wait a bit between bites.

After dinner, instead of a cigarette, treat yourself to a cup of mint tea or a peppermint candy.

Distract yourself. Make friends. Take a new class. Do whatever you need to do. But do not touch a cigarette.

As the month progresses, the urge to have a cigarette will go on reducing. At the end of the month, your body should be back to normal. Now, what is left is in your head. Now, if you even try to smoke once, you will be hooked so do not even touch a cigarette.

All this is much easier to say than do. These are just “tips” that sound good. YOU need to implement them. Forget everything else. For the first month, DO NOT TOUCH CIGERRETTS!

Print out and put up signs in your office, in your house, on your vehicle, everywhere. Tell the whole world that you are quitting. With enough dedication, we are sure you will be able to.


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How To Hack The Net Using GOOGLE ? Ways To Conquer The Net For Google Users

How To Hack The Net Using GOOGLE ?
Ways To Conquer The Net For Google Users

Google is a very very very powerful tool! If you know how the Internet works and you know how Google works, you can find out some “very secret information” from the dark corners of the Internet.

You see, Google tries to “index” everything that is on the Internet. What does “index” mean? Basically, “index” means, read and remember!

You see, Google is reading websites on the Internet 24 hours a day. It is looking at new websites and new web pages. It looks at each web page and finds out what the web page is about. It decides how good the web page is and also decides many other things about the web page…

Google does all this so that when you search for something using Google, it can give you the most relevant results from among the web pages it has visited. This is what we mean when we say that Google tries to index everything on the Internet.

Now, the part we are interested in: Since Google indexes the Internet, we can find things that are hidden in all the corners of the Internet. If some one has put their password on the net, you can find it! If a big online shopping site, has put all the credit card information of it’s customers on the net, you can find it! You can find some very interesting things if you know how to use Google!

This article will teach you the basics of how to find cool things using Google. indahowto.com does not endorse hacking! Hence, we shall not be showing you how to get “credit card details” and “passwords” etc… But we will show you how to find e-books, movies, games, software, music etc. that is stored on the Internet.

On the Internet, the files are saved in the same way as they are saved on your computer. All the files are organized into folders so that they are easy to understand and use.

For example: On your computer, you may have different folders like, “music” or “videos” or “documents” etc.. On the Internet also files are generally organized into folders. For example, a mp3 music website site may have all the songs that the website provides in a directory called “songs”!

Now, if you can use Google to find the "songs" directory, you will have the directory and all the songs in it! That is basically what we are going to teach you how to do…

Note that, it’s not as simple as that. All the big sites, that serve 1000’s of songs and charge for it, are not going to just have their “songs” directory in the open for anyone to hack. There are many ways to protect your website from these Google hacks! Most big websites are protected from Google hacks.

But, this hack is still quite useful because there are many small websites out there who have their “songs” directory in the open and un-protected for anyone to see…

The words:

* Index of
* Name
* Last Modified
* Size
* Description

will be part of almost every un-protected directory. There is also one other part that is there in every un-protected directory on the Internet. This part is, the words: “Index of” in the “Title” of the web page.

If you are not sure what the "title" of a web page is, you could look up to the top-most part of this window. The line right on top is called the title. For example: The title of this web page is: “How to find un-protected directories using Google? :: indiahowto.com”

Similarly, the title of an unprotected web-page will have the words “Index of” in it. So, we are going to get Google to search for all these web pages of un-protected directories. We will be able to do this, using some basic Google commands....

You are probably wondering why we were talking about the "Index of" and the other common elements of the un-protected directory...well, continue to read, then next page will clear up all your doubts....

Google is a search engine and a whole lot more. There are many cool things you can do with Google…For example: Try this….go to Google and type in “122131 + 32112” or “13324 - 231” or “2332 / 231” See what it gives you. Google can also be used as a calculator!

But, that is not needed for what we are trying to do. We just mentioned it so that you would know that there is a lot that Google can do….

What we are trying to do is look for pages that have:

  • The phrase “Index of” in the title
  • The phrase “Index of” on the page
  • The word “Name” on the page
  • The word “Size” on the page
  • The word “Description” on the page
  • The word “Last Modified” on the page

If you we find pages that fit this criteria, we will have found all the un-protected directories on the Internet. So how do we do this?

Type this line in the Google search box:
intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified

When you search for this, you will find all the un-protected directories on the Internet that Goggle has found! Try to see what people have stored in the unprotected directories! It could be fun!

But, what is more important is, let us try to understand how that line works. Once you understand how that line works, you will be able to make your own lines and extract all sorts of cool things out of Google.

The line: intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified

It is made up of many different small Google commands. The different commands are:

intitle:"index of" : This tells Google to only search for web pages with the term “index of” in the Title of the web page. The term “intitle:” is called an OPERATOR.

So if you have intitle:"index of" in the search box, Google knows that it has to search for only pages with “index of” in the title…

+"index of" : This tells Google that all the pages that come in the search results, must have “index of” on the page.

The “+” basically tells Google that whatever is after the “+” MUST be there in all the pages that Google provides in the results.

For example: You go to Google and type in “monkey +cat” it will provide all the pages that have the term monkey and also have the term “cat” in them. If you just type in “monkey cat” then the pages that have “monkey or cat” or “monkey and cat” may show up in the search results.

Basically, just remember if you want all searched pages to have a particular word, use the “+”! This is useful is the cases when you are searching for a “synonym” kind of word.

For example: Let us say you are searching for an article about “voice recognition”. But whenever, you type in “voice recognition” the results that come are about “Asha Bhosle”! But what you are looking for is the “method” of voice recognition.

So, to clear up the results, you can use a search terms like this:
“voice recognition” +method –“Asha Bhosle"

Now, you may get much better search results! The search results will be about “voice reognition”…. It will have only pages with the word “method” in them and it will NOT have pages with the term “Asha Bhose” in them.

Things to notice:

  • If you put anything within “quotation” marks, Google searches for that exact phrase
  • A “+” behind a term will make sure that term is there in all the results pages
  • A “-“ behind a term will make sure that term is NOT there in all the results pages
  • There is NO SPACE between the “+” and the term or the “-“ and the term. Basically there is no space between the “operator” and the term.

Having understood all this, let us look at the whole line again. It should make much more sense:

intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified

The line basically tells Google to search for pages with:

  • The phrase “index of” in the title
  • The phrase “index of” somewhere on the page
  • The word “name” somewhere on the page
  • The word “size” somewhere on the page
  • The word “description” somewhere on the page
  • The word “modified” somewhere on the page

And if you understood everything till now, you will see how this command can be used to find all the un-protected directories on the Internet! Look at it carefully....

intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified

Now, let us do cool stuff….let us find ebooks, games, songs etc.. in these un-protected directories!

Having understood all this till here, this part should be pretty simple. Let us say you want to find songs, you simply have to tell Google to look for “mp3” files in all the un-protected directories.

To do this you can use this line:

intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified +mp3

It makes sense, does it not? Just add a “+mp3” at the end. This will make sure that all the pages come up have the term “mp3” in them.

Similarly, if you wanted to find all the “ebooks” in all the up-protected directories, you could use this line:

intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified +pdf

Incase, you are not sure what “pdf” is, “pdf” is the format in which ebooks come!

You probably get the idea now. But, you are still not getting what exactly you are looking for…you are just getting all the un-protected ebooks and mp3s!

Let us make the search more specific. You can search for a “Dil Se" mp3 using a line like this:
intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified +mp3 dil se

Notice that I have not put “dil se” in quotes or in front of a “+”. This is because I do not know how the “dil se” file will be saved! It may be saved by some different name like “dilse23.mp3”! So I just let Google figure out the closest match! Basically if you are not sure about the exact words the web page will contain, just type it without any operator or quotes and let Google figure out the closest match!

Now, you probably have a good understanding of how to get the search to work for you. Just to give you a few examples:

To search for WinZip program in the un-protected directories you might use something like:

intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified +exe win zip

To search for a “Harry Potter” ebook, you might want to use something like:

intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified +pdf harry potter

Finally, if you are too bored to type all this down your self, do not worry, here is a nice little tool, that will make Google hacking for songs really easy! Just type in what you are looking for...

Please Note: You may not get what you are looking for each and every time. Somethings are just too valuable to keep in an un-protected directory! But, most of the time you will be able to find what you are looking for!

Best Of Luck!
Happy Hacking!

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Heart Diseases and Vegans

Heart Diseases and Vegans

There can be many reasons for eating vegetarian diet more often, but it is a proven fact now that vegetarian diets carry more health benefits than non-vegetarian diets. One example can be seen with elimination of red meat from your diet. On an average, people who eat vegetarian diet usually have much lower levels of blood cholesterol, triglycerides and fats in general as compared to people who eat meat. This fact is regardless of any age factor, social status of people and even gender. High blood cholesterol and fat levels are found to be associated with higher risk of acquiring heart diseases. People who are lacto-ovo vegetarians, i.e., the one who eat eggs and dairy products, which also contain cholesterol and cholesterol-raising saturated fats, have higher levels of cholesterol in their blood than vegans in general, who do not consume any kind of animal products. In addition, lacto-ovo vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels as compared to non-vegetarians.

Recent researches have shown that men who eat meat six or more times per week are at risk of dying from heart diseases with a ratio two times more that those who do not eat meat. This trend is more commonly seen in older men. On the other hand, middle-aged men, who eat meat are four times more likely to suffer from a fatal heart attack, when compared to middle-aged men who do not eat meat. In women, who are usually protected by their hormones from various heart ailments or cholesterol -related problems, generally develop heart problems later in life than men of same age group. Among females, the risk of heart diseases has been found to be lower only among older vegetarians.

In a study of more than 10,000 meat eaters and vegetarians, British researchers have found that more the meat is consumed, greater are the chances of suffering from a heart attack. Although, elimination of meat from your diet will surely reduce your chances of getting any cardiovascular diseases due to decreased accumulation of heart-damaging fats and cholesterol in your body, substituting large amounts of high-fat dairy products and cholesterol rich products such as eggs, can even negate the effects further.

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How To Prevent Cancer ? Ways To Live Healthy

How To Prevent Cancer ? Ways To Live Healthy

Eating a vegetarian diet is definitely a healthy choice and there is no denying the fact that the vegetarians also have lesser breast cancer ribbonchances of developing certain types of cancers, which otherwise can be quite common in those people who eat meat. Vegetarian diets are usually low in saturated fat and high in fiber content. This characteristic of vegetarian diets also helps to replete with cancer-protective phytochemicals that help to prevent cancer in vegetarian population.

Studies done in England and Germany have shown that meat-eaters are 40 percent at higher risk of developing cancer as compared to vegetarian people. In US, studies done in Seventh-Day Adventists, who are mainly lacto-ovo vegetarians, have shown significant reduction of chances of getting cancer who eliminated meat from their diet.

Similarly, rates of breast-cancer have been to be shown to be lower in nations who largely promote vegetarian food. For example, China, where plant-based diets are followed, showed lower breast cancer rates among women. On the other hand, Japanese women who follow more of the Western-style food habits, consisting of more intake of meat-based diets, have shown to be eight times more at risk of developing breast cancer, than women who follow more of a traditional food habits consisting of plant-based diets. Apart from meat, dairy products too contribute to many forms of cancer. Collectively, they can result in colon cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer.

Studies done by Harvard University researchers, have shown that men and women who eat meat on a regular basis, have 300 percent more chances of developing colon cancer. High fat diets also enhance body estrogen production. Increased levels of these hormones have been linked to breast cancer directly. A study done on a group of pre-menopausal and menopausal women who ate meat regularly have shown that pre-menopausal women have one-third chances more than the other group of getting breast cancer in their life.

A separate study from Cambridge University has also shown diets containing high saturated fats to be linked to increased chances of developing breast cancer. Dairy products have also been shown to be linked to ovarian cancer in one of the studies. Ovaries get damaged by the process of breaking down of lactose, which is a natural milk sugar. Prostate hypertrophy or enlargement is three times more common in people who eat meat daily.

Vegetarians automatically avoid the animal fat in meat and dairy products, which is the main culprit of causing cancer. They also get plenty of fibers from natural food apart from getting the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals etc. that help to prevent cancer too. In addition to all this, vegetarians have also been shown to have higher levels of “natural killer cells” in their blood as compared to non-vegetarians, which are the specialized white blood cells formed to attack cancer cells.

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Obesity in Vegetarians

Obesity in Vegetarians

Think about it this way, have you ever seen a vegetarian who is fat? You know the answer already. It is very less likely toobesity in vegetarians see fat vegetarians. In fact, being a vegetarian is synonymous with being a health person in itself. It is definitely not an assumption, but a scientifically proven fact. Notice it yourself and you will probably find the clue. Whenever you visit your dietitian, they often ask you to increase vegetables and fruit in your diet, and reduce the consumption of non-vegetarian food. Therefore, it makes all the sense! The idea behind such diet recommendation is to increase the amount of high-fiber vegetables and fruit in your diet and reduce the high-fat red meat, pork, beef and other animal products.

Check it the other way too, what happens when you again switch on to your old diet consisting of meat and animal products and lesser vegetables and fruit? You start gaining weight again! Even when you try to do a lot of exercise, high-fat diets do not let you shed those extra pounds that effectively, as do the vegetarian diet.

When you adopt dietary habits of a vegetarian, you feel more healthy everyday. Your body gets all the necessary nutrients it needs, it gets all the fiber content it needs for proper digestion of food, and it in turn gives you more energy and stamina. You start loosing those extra calories that had been accumulated due to high-fat diet consumption. Overall, you start feeling good about yourself. Therefore, vegetarian food also boosts your self-confidence.

Your health risks are cut short with every amount of cutting short of fatty food. If you have been suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes, you notice improvement in your blood pressure as well as blood glucose levels. When there are so many good effects of vegetarian diet, you automatically feel to feed yourself such diet. So, have you still switched on to vegetarian diet or not?

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April 28, 2008

Ways To Make Money On The Internet

The Most Successfull Ways
To Make Money On The Internet

Basically there are a lot of things that can be done on the net to make some cash. Some are Scams some are for real. Below are few tips, tricks, and information (not a scam site) about some way for making money from the net.

I'm talking small, but real money to start with - not the ' $1000+ in a week ' (Which's Tottally a SCAMS).

First - You'll Need Some 'Tools' - Internet Bank Account.

Most Recommended Option - Alert Pay, Pay Pal, e-Gold
Other Good Idea Option - Liberty Reserve, V-Money Net, Alter Gold, Money Bookers

Second - A Programs Where You Need To Invest Some Money.

The Risk Is Greater But The Rewards Can Be Huge!

High yield investment programs (HYIP) return high yields on your investment but are also high risk and of limited duration. Get in early with a sum you can afford to loose and earn 20% daily for a few days or 2% daily for a few weeks/months. Most use 'e-currency' so you will need to open an Internet Banking Account / e-Currency (Alert Pay/Pay Pal/e-Gold/Liberty Reserve, V-Money Net, Alter Gold, Money Bookers). To help in deciding which programs to invest in and when to pull out I have kept the statistics of several current sites and also of sites that have closed. This is a very volatile market but can be very profitable and exciting.

No HYIP sites to recommend at present.

Playing the Foreign Exchange markets. A very volatile area where returns can be huge. More details on another page here. Click Here.

Third - Programs Where You Earn Money But Are Free To Join.

Trickle income, like these sites below, build up a bank balance, give you confidence and earn you some funds to invest in HYIP or other programs that require you to deposit money first.

PTC - Paid To Click Programs (10 Recommended Programs)

Bux-To - $0.01/Ads View, 10 Ads Daily. Pays out to AlertPay every $10 reached. You can upgrade your account by purchasing referrals.

10Bux - At 10Bux.net, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through AlertPay. The minimum payout is $10.00.

BestPaidBux - As a Free Members You'll receive $0.025 Per Click & $ 0.015 Per Referral Click. Very Generous Site. Payment through PayPal. The minimum payout is $10.00.

Bux3.Com. - Simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. About 20 Ads / Day. You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Pays out to AlertPay every $10 reached. You can upgrade your account & purchasing some referrals to increased your cashflow.

Bux3.Net - You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you view. Trusted Program. About 20 Ads / Day. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through AlertPay. The minimum payout is $10.00.

DailyClicks - Free Members Receive $0.01 Per Click & $0.005 Per Referral Click! Upgraded Members Receive $0.02 Per Click & $0.01 Per Referral Click! Upgraded Members Also Receive $2 When You Referrals Upgrade!. Payment through AlertPay. The minimum payout is $10.00.

IsabelMarco - You'll get paid $0.012 ($0,017 for premium) for each website you personally view and $0.007 ($0,013 for premium) for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through AlertPay. The minimum payout is $9.00.

Triple Bux - Bux3 Sister Site. Just like Bux3 - Paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. About 20 Ads / Day. Pays out to AlertPay every $10 reached. Upgrade your account & purchasing some referrals to increased your cashflow.

VIP Bux - Paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. About 10 Ads / Day. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through (Paypal / Alertpay). The minimum payout is $10.00.

World Bux - Bux3 Sister Site. Just like Bux3 . You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. About 20 Ads / Day. Pays out to AlertPay every $10 reached. Upgrade your account & purchasing some referrals to increased your cashflow.

Other - Get Paid For ... - Program (Recommended Programs)

MyLot is a great program for people who like to chat and earn a few dollars a day at the same time! The range of subjects is enormous and from all over the world. Upload pictures from your computer, list your passions and other features. But beware - this program can become infectious!! Payment is by PayPal so you will need to get a free PayPal account . If you can't get PayPal in your country then they will pay by e-Gold.

Higher Payouts from 'free to join' programs.

Normally I avoid very high payout programs where it sometimes takes a year to reach the minimum by which time the site may have vanished!

You WILL get paid with these programs; about $35 to $50 a month for just these programs and there are dozens more to choose from. Join up, add to your favourites or put an icon on your desktop by dragging on a links page for each program and visit the sites at intervals through the day and earn a bit each time. It soon adds up.

Few TIPS 1. Right click on the log-in page for each program and save a shortcut link to your desktop, or, Add to your Favourites in a new folder, named Daily, for instance. Much easier to remember your daily earning sites by double clicking on the icons or links.

2. Write the address and log-in details for each site in the back of your diary. It is easy to forget your user name and password and you can continue to earn money on another pc when away from home.

3. Get into the habit of regular visits. Most sites will cancel your account if you don't make use of it and any money earned will be lost.

4. Contact me if you need help or advice.

Fourth - Make A Web Site Of Your Own And Get Advertisers On It.
The final group of earning programs can be placed on your own web site.
First you need a website with content interesting enough to attract visitors.
Think of a subject that you know a lot about - you, your family, your job, your hobby - whatever it is, focus on it and provide detailed information; facts, figures. Try to make your web site the definitive source of information on your chosen subject.

With a web site designed you need a domain name and a hosting service. It is like an address to the house where your web site lives. Promote your website using the points earned from working the PTS, PTR and PTC you joined above in section three and to get referrals to sign up under you.

Once you have a web site with solid content you have a 'product' to sell. Many of the top programs will not accept you as an affiliate unless you have a web site of substance.

The star payer is Google AdSense. They pay for clicks and pay very well and cleverly match their ads to the content of your page. They are choosey about the sites that can join and demand a reasonable standard of content. here. If you have a busy website you will earn good money with AdSense.

Lots of companies would love you to join them as an affiliate and will pay you a commission when your visitors buy some of their products. It makes sense to join up with companies compatible with your site. Amazon sell a lot more than just books now and pay 5% to 7.5% commission by targeting specific books with a link from your site.

Bravenet has a lot of free goodies to add to your web site to attract more visitors and can help in setting up and hosting a web site with a free domain name. They also offer 50mb of free space on their servers to store your password protected back-up files and sensitive data. A well respected site of long standing..

Banner advertisements, love 'em or hate 'em, are part of the Net. Place these standard sized banners from AdBrite on your page and earn up to $1/1000 impressions depending on validity of visitor. Note that these are impressions or CPM rates, your visitor just has to see them, they do not have to click on the ads or buy anything. That is why the rates are lower than ' pay per click ' banners. AdBrite pay out monthly by cheque for earnings over $50 and pay me regularly. For other option you can use BidVertiser, another star in banner advertisements.

A large variety of banner and button sizes are available from Oxado and they pay well for clicks. Join up, get your site approved and then get your banner code to put on your web site to start earning. Depending where you live in the world you will be paid by wire, cheque or Paypal.

Pop-under windows are better selling tools than banners and PopUp Traffic will pay you up to $1.80/1000 impressions. This is the best you will get on the net and they pay monthly without fail. Popup killer browsers have changed the market so they only supply pop-unders but with anti-killer code that works with the major browsers. A busy site will still earn more than the $25 minimum for a cheque to be sent each month. They are now open to international affilliates and pop-under earnings.

Remember, these are all free to join; you have no outgoings other than your normal internet connection which you have anyway. To be perfectly frank, the only downside to these deals is that it takes up your time to organise the links, and your browser and/or web site will run a bit slower while advertising banners load.

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Get Paid For Seaching The WEB

Get Paid For Seaching The WEB

I have just recently discovered a very neat site for earning money online. It is easy to use and really requires no effort. You get paid for doing what you already do! SlashMySearch doesn’t have anything to do with blogging. Here, go sign up and you’ll see! Sign up for SlashMySearch.com.

At SlashMySearch, all you do is sign up and make SlashMySearch your homepage (and if you like, your main search provider). So next time you search for something, don’t use Google or Yahoo or whatever else you use, use SlashMySearch. Every search you make earns you a tiny bit more money. And since you’re probably already searching and browsing on the internet, now you can get paid for it! If you want to make even more money, you can be active on the forums and refer other people to SMS and get paid for THEIR searches! You can also make an email with them and get paid for using it!

SlashMySearch is free, easy to use, and really requires no work on your part. They are paying us because they want more people to use their website, and I think it works (hey, I signed up didn’t I?)! You can make even more money if you refer others to SlashMySearch, up to even over $1,000 a month if you’re doing good, all by searching and having your friends sign up and search too!

It might sound pretty unbelievable, but trust me, it’s true. They can pay you by check, Paypal, or e-Gold. So sign up with SlashMySearch now by clicking this link. It’s fast, easy, and free, and you’ll be earning money in no time - just by searching, like you already do!

Tags : make money blogging

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Tutorial - How To Download YouTube Video ?

Tutorial - How To Download YouTube Video ?

To download YouTube Video you'll have to use third party services. For example : Keepvid

Here's the Tutorial, on How To Download YouTube Video :
  1. Visit YouTube website. Search for the video that you want to download. Copy the Video URL (Click More to see the Video URL - Below the Subscribe Button).
  2. After getting the Video URL - visit Keepvid.
  3. Paste the URL (YouTube Video URL) into The Top Input Box that written "Download videos DIRECT from most video sites Copy the link of the page with the video on it and paste it here"
  4. Click the Download Link "Download".
There are many Third Party Services that provide a direct download from YouTube Directory beside Keepvid. Just search the net for a way To Download You Tube Video.

Good Luck. Please leave some comment... Thx.

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April 27, 2008

101 Health and Wellness Tips for College Students

101 Health and Wellness Tips for College Students

Between exams, papers and maintaining an active social life, many college students feel they can't really find the time to keep up on their personal health and wellness until an illness catches hold and stops them in their tracks. With most colleges providing health care and endless physical activities for students, staying healthy in college is about as easy as it will ever get. Here are a few tips to help students make the most of the resources at their fingertips and to ensure they stay healthy and illness free throughout their education.


Withiout careful attention to your diet, you could end on putting on the freshman 15 and more. Follow these tips to help keep your diet healthy and beneficial.

1. Learn proper portion size. To avoid eating too much of even the healthiest foods, keep track of how much you're eating. For most people, meat servings should be about the size of a deck of cards and other servings vary by the type of food. Check out recommended amounts here.

2. Vary your meals. When the cafeteria has your favorite foods daily it can be easy to return to those old favorites every day. Changing up your diet from day to day is an important part of good nutrition so take advantage of the variety of selections available to you.

3. Eat breakfast. Start your day off right with a good meal when you get up. Whether you're rolling out of bed at noon or up at the crack of dawn for class, make sure you start your day with a balanced, healthy meal.

4. Keep healthy snacks around. It's easy to eat healthy if you keep the Cheetos at bay and stock your dorm room with fruits and other healthy snacks. You'll be more likely to reach for these than junk food if you keep them nearby or in your backpack.

5. Drink moderately. While college students are known for their partying, you can still have a good time without consuming all the calories that come along with binging on beer, plus you'll avoid the hangovers and other negative effects. Drink in moderation and you can have a good time without hurting your health.

6. Don't fight stress by eating. It can be tempting to reach for a bag of chips or some cookies when you're stressed out about an impending exam. Eating won't help your stress go away, so avoid filling up on snacks. Try working out or taking a break instead.

7. Drink water. Drinking enough water can help boost your concentration as well as keep you from overeating. Make sure to keep hydrated as you go through your day by bringing water with you.

8. Limit sugary and caffeinated beverages. Beverages may not fill you up, but they sure can help fatten you up and have a detrimental effect on your overall health. You don't have to completely give up soda and coffee, but you should scale back in order to keep yourself in tip top shape.

9. Try to eat fruits and veggies. Even if fruits and vegetables don't comprise some of your favorite foods, try to incorporate at least a few of them into your diet each day.

10. Limit junk food. Junk food is fast and easy and many students end up eating a lot of it while they're on the run to class or to work. While a little fast food now and again won't really hurt you, make sure it doesn't become a habit.

11. Make it convenient to eat right. Don't make it hard for yourself to eat right. Buy healthy foods and stock your fridge and room with them to ensure they're the first things at hand when you get hungry.

12. Don't skip meals. With so much to do, it's easy to forgo eating to run off to class or the library. Don't skip meals. Set up foods you can eat on the run so you'll have the energy to keep going.

13. Indulge every once in awhile. A little treat now and then is a great way to reward yourself for eating a healthy diet. Give yourself a break and indulge in a food you love but can't eat all the time.

14. Take vitamins. If you feel like you aren't getting the nutrition you need from your diet, don't hesitate to supplement it with some multi-vitamins to stay healthy and illness free.

15. Get help for eating disorders. While many groups focus on helping students lose weight, there are those who need help fighting eating disorders as well. If you are worried you have an eating disorder and want help, don't be afraid to reach out to campus resources for help.


Fitting exercise into a busy schedule isn't always the easiest thing, but take stock of some of these tips to help you get on track to fitness.

16. Stretch first. Help yourself avoid injuries by stretching each time you exercise. Simple stretches before and after you work out or engage in physical activity can help keep you active and pain free.

17. Ride your bike. Instead of taking the bus or driving to class, try biking instead. It will give you a few minutes of exercise between your courses.

18. Play a sport. One way to get yourself motivated to exercise is to make it a game by playing a sport. Join an intramural team or play recreational sports through your school to get active and have fun at the same time.

19. Use safety equipment. No matter what sport you're playing, make sure to always use the proper safety equipment. It will keep you from getting hurt which will allow you to stay active more often.

20. Head to the gym. Most schools provide students with gym facilities they can take advantage of for free. Head to the gym between classes or when you get up in the morning to squeeze in a workout.

21. Take advantage of fitness courses. Along with gym facilities most students will have access to fitness classes they can take. Since you're already paying for these through your tuition you may as well take advantage and get a workout that will help keep you in shape and motivate you.

22. Walk to class. While taking public transportation might be quicker, walking will give you a chance to stretch your legs, burn some calories and relax before your next class.

23. Incorporate different kinds of exercise in your routine. When you work out, don't just stick to one kind of workout. Incorporate strength training, cardio and stretching exercises into your routine to make it well rounded.

24. Make it fun. You're probably not going to work out if you are bored with your routine or find going to the gym torture. Find a way to make it fun for yourself and you'll be much more likely to keep it up.

25. Bring a friend. With someone else relying on you showing up, you'll be much more likely to make the effort to work out. Plus, working out with a friend can be a great way to make working out more fun.

26. Take advantage of open spaces. Most colleges are equipped with large grassy quads or arboretums with trails you can walk on. Take advantage of these spaces to take hikes, play frisbee or just walk around.


College students aren't exactly known for their early to bed early to rise attitudes, but getting sleep is an integral part of staying healthy. Check out these tips to help you make sure you're resting enough.

27. Take a nap. If you have the time during the day, a short nap can do wonders for your energy levels. Just make sure not to nap too close to bedtime or for too long, and a nap will do your body good.

28. Don't work in bed. Working in bed can make getting to sleep harder. Keep your work space separate from your sleep space to keep insomnia at bay.

29. Get a full night's rest whenever possible. While the amount of sleep each person needs varies, most people need 7-9 hours to feel fully rested. While this may not be possible every night, try to sleep a full night whenever you get the chance.

30. Stick to a schedule. With different classes and work hours each day, it can be hard to stick to a schedule, but keeping sleep times similar from day to day can greatly improve your chances of getting a good night's sleep.

31. Understand that lack of sleep can have a big impact. Lack of sleep doesn't just make you cranky, it can also reduce your ability to concentrate and to excel at class, so try to get as much sleep as you need.

32. Work out bedtimes with roommates. When sharing a room with someone it can be hard to go to bed when you need to and not get woken up when you don't want to. Try to work with your roomies to make sure you each get the sleep you need.

33. Avoid all nighters. While you may feel like you need to study all night to do well you might be doing yourself a disservice. Not getting enough sleep can impair your ability to do well, regardless of how much you've studied, so make sure you get at least a little sleep before your big test.

34. Create a bedtime routine. If you have trouble falling asleep at night you can help yourself by creating a routine that will let your mind and body know that bedtime is approaching and that it should get into sleep mode. After a few weeks of practice this should help you fall asleep when you need to.

35. Avoid caffeine, eating and drinking right before bed. All of these activities can throw off your body's internal clock, so try to limit meals, alcohol and caffeine consumption to a few hours before bed.

36. Keep your room dark and quiet. While college campuses are hardly either, try to keep your room as dark, quiet and cool as possible. This will help trigger to your body that it's time for bed and help you get and stay asleep.

Sexual Health

College is a place where many students choose to explore their sexuality. Students can do this safely by following these tips.

37. Get tested. Protect your sexual health by getting tested for STDs annually or even more frequently. Most schools offer these tests for free or at a low cost, so all students, even those with small incomes, can afford the tests.

38. Always use protection. Unless you are in a long-term, monogamous relationship with a partner who has been confirmed STD-free, always make sure to use protection to prevent the risk of contracting a disease.

39. Discuss issues with your partner. Sex shouldn't be painful or scary. If you are nervous or uncomfortable with any element of your sexual relationship, make sure to bring these things up with your partner or health care provider to ensure things are emotionally and physically ok.

40. Get regular exams. Whether you're male or female, getting your equipment checked out regularly is a must. Women can get breast exams and pap smears that can greatly reduce their risk of cancer.

41. Take advantage of vaccinations. Many schools now offer the HPV vaccination. Female students can take advantage of these to reduce their chance of contracting the HPV virus, the leading cause of almost all cervical cancers.

42. Attend informational classes. Most colleges offer classes that discuss sexual issues, so you can educate yourself and learn to stay healthy and happy.

43. Find someone to talk to. Many students in college have questions about their sexuality and some even feel confused. It helps to find someone you can trust to talk to in order to help you find some direction and figure out who you really are.

44. Don't do anything you're not comfortable with. While you may feel pressure from a partner or even those around you to engage in certain sexual activities, never do anything you aren't completely comfortable with. It's your body and you are in charge, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.


With communal living and thousands of other students sharing classroom space, spreading colds and viruses is easy if you're not careful. These tips can help keep you from getting sick.

45. Wash your hands. Studies have shown that simple hand washing can help prevent a large number of illnesses. So wash your hands, especially any time you'll be touching your nose, mouth or eyes or if you've been around others who are sick.

46. Avoid sharing beverages. Germs are easily spread through the sharing of drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, so get your own and avoid sharing with friends.

47. Don't go to class. If you're sick, don't force yourself to go to class. It will only make you feel worse and infect other students. Email your professors that you're ill and stay home and rest.

48. Get to the doctor. If you have symptoms that aren't showing any signs of clearing up within a few days, you may need to take a trip to the campus clinic or your doctor. Simple illnesses can mutate into much more deadly and dangerous ones if left alone so make sure to seek help if you aren't feeling any better.

49. Drink lots of fluids. Colds and flues can wreck havoc on your body, often depriving it of much needed fluids. Replenish these by drinking plenty of water or energy drinks when you're ill.

50. Get a flu shot. With so many germs around, sometimes getting a flu shot is the best thing you can do to avoid getting sick. Many colleges offer these for reduced prices so students can get vaccinated for little out of pocket expense.

51. Wear flip flops in the shower. Dorm bathrooms are generally cleaned daily, but can become dirty quickly with so many students sharing them. Always make sure to wear sandals in the shower to avoid getting viruses and bacteria that can cause warts and athlete's foot.

52. Avoid ill friends. If your friend is sick, try to avoid spending too much time around them. While bringing soup or medications won't hurt, touching ill friends and their stuff can increase your chances of getting sick yourself.

53. Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth. If your hands aren't totally clean, try to avoid touching these areas. The membranes in these areas make it easy for bacteria and viruses to enter your body.

54. Try simple over the counter remedies. Most viruses leave you feeling miserable but with no recourse in medications that can make them go away. Try out over the counter remedies to help ease your symptoms.

55. Keep immunizations up to date. While most students will have been immunized as a child, some shots may need to be updated when you enter college. Make sure yours are up to date to keep you from contracting a serious illness.


Students can get run down with so much going on. These tips can help you beat the stress.

56. Create a routine. If you get yourself in the habit of studying, working out, and sleeping at certain hours, it will be easier to fit in all the things you need to do in a day without feeling too stressed out.

57. Put limits on work hours. You can't work all the time-fun and relaxation have to be part of your routine as well. Limit the times when you will work to give yourself time to sleep and rest up so you won't get sick.

58. Give yourself a break. If you've been working steadily for hours, give your eyes and mind a chance for a rest by taking a break. You can come back feeling more refreshed and ready to go.

59. Be realistic. Sometimes there's just no way you're going to get done everything you'd like to in one day. Be realistic about your goals and understand that you can only do so much.
60. Understand you can't do everything. While you might want to go to class, work, play a sport, and participate in clubs and social activities, the reality is that sooner or later you're going to get run down by trying to do so much. Focus on doing the things you truly love and forget about the rest.

61. Get help. If you're feeling overwhelmed, reach out and ask for help from professors and friends. They may be able to give you more time or help you to complete projects and studying more quickly.

62. Take advantage of campus meditation and yoga programs. Many campuses are equipped with programs that can help students get a release from their stresses through a relaxing session of meditation.

63. Cut back if needed. Sometimes students overwhelm themselves with everything they have going on. If you're feeling like you've got too much on your plate, cut back work hours, drop a class or cut out some extracurricular activities to make your schedule more manageable.

64. Relax with hobbies. Whether you like to paint or to destroy aliens with your friends in video games, making time for the things you love is an important part of keeping yourself from getting too stressed out.

65. Give yourself plenty of time. It's easy to put off starting on a big project or studying for a test until the last minute. You'll be much less stressed out, however, and will likely do better if you give yourself more time to work on it.

66. Spend time with friends. There are few things that can cheer you up like being around the people you like most. Eat dinner with friends or just hang out and watch tv or take a walk to get away from the stress of homework.

67. Don't let yourself get run down. With so much to do, it's easy to get run down. If you feel yourself getting stretched too thin, take a step back and evaluate everything you've got going on to determine what's really important.

68. Learn time management skills. Time management skills will make everything from getting assignments done to managing work a lot easier. Read a book or check out advice on the internet to help you better manage the hours of your day.

Mental Health

College students are in a high risk group for depression, so make sure you keep yourself happy and healthy with these simple tips.

69. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Many people feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help with their depression but this is unnecessary as it's a common and treatable problem that you don't have to deal with alone. Tap into campus resources to find help or tell a friend how you're feeling.

70. Keep in touch with family and friends. You can help beat homesickness and loneliness by keeping in touch with friends and family members.

71. Build new friendships. A big part of the college experience is meeting new people and forming new friendships so get out there and meet new people whenever possible.

72. Expect things to change. Things will change both at home and in your school life, so expect things to change over time. You will grow and so will the people around you.

73. Understand that it may take time to fit in. Most people don't make best friends on the first day of college. It takes time to build friendships, so don't get discouraged if you don't fit in right away.

74. Don't let stress get the best of you. Stress can be a major factor in many students' depression. If you're feeling stressed out make sure to take a break and set aside time to relax.

75. Realize you don't have to please everyone. There is no way that you can make everyone happy all the time. Concentrate on making yourself happy first and you'll cut out lots of stress and hassle from your life.

76. Know the signs of depression. It can be hard to differentiate a simple slump from serious depression so learn the signs of depression not only for your own benefit but for the benefit of your friends as well.

77. Build on your confidence. If you know you're good at certain things build on the confidence you take from these activities rather than concentrating on your faults.

78. Find strength in numbers. You may have an easier time feeling good and fitting in if you find a group of students who share similar interests and values as you.

79. Volunteer. Sometimes volunteering can give you a sense of satisfaction you can't get from work or class work, so get out there and help others in your community.

80. Get involved on campus. Joining clubs and social groups on campus can help you to meet new friends and keep you from feeling lonely or isolated.

81. Set goals. You'll be more motivated and positive if you give yourself goals to work towards throughout the school year.

Study Abroad

Before you embark on a study abroad program, take a look at these tips to keep yourself healthy at home and overseas.

82. Get immunized. If you're traveling to a country where you run the risk of getting a serious communicable disease, make sure to get vaccinated before you go. It can save you a lot of pain and serious complications in the future.

83. Ensure you have access to necessary prescriptions. If you have medications you need regularly, ensure you get these before you leave or that you have a place where you can get refills while you're away.

84. Get a check up before you go. It doesn't hurt to get a check up before departing on a trip to make sure you don't have any hidden illnesses or medical conditions that could affect you away from home.

85. Avoid raw foods and water that seems suspect. While water and food will likely be safe in most places you will visit, it's better to be safe than to get a serious food bourne illness.

86. Consider travel insurance. In case something does go wrong when you're away from home, you can invest in some travel insurance which can give you advice and treatment just about anywhere.

87. Bring a travel first aid kit. Bringing a small first aid kit with you on your travels can be a great help to you if you get a small injury. With the kit you'll be able to take care of it yourself and you won't have to hunt for a place to buy antiseptics and bandages.

88. Take precautions to avoid diseases like malaria. In some areas of the world, students will run the risk of contracting potential serious illnesses like malaria. By avoiding wet and waterlogged areas at night and using mosquito netting and repellant, students can help reduce their risk significantly.

89. Avoid contact with animals. While household pets may be safe to interact with, many wild animals or those found on the street can carry diseases. Students can avoid contracting them by limiting their contact.

90. Be careful when swimming. Drowning in the most common cause of death for overseas travelers, so ensure that you're a strong enough swimmer before diving into the place you're swimming and stay near lifeguards and other swimmers.

91. Get advice from doctors on pre-existing conditions. If you have conditions like diabetes or heart problems, make sure you check with your doctor before departing to make sure you'll have the tools and help you'll need to stay healthy while away.


Here are a few other tips to keep you a healthy and active college student.

92. Avoid walking to class in flip flops. While they may keep your feet cool and look good with your summer wardrobe, few flip flops provide the support needed for your feet. If you are walking long distances, it's best to leave the sandals at home and avoid the arch pain and pinching associated with them.

93. Keep backpacks from being too heavy. An overfilled backpack can hurt your back and leave you with some serious back and shoulder pain later. Make sure your backpack is properly fitted and avoid carrying around more than you need.

94. Quit smoking. No matter how much you may love the sweet thrill of a nicotine rush, the reality is that smoking just isn't good for you or anyone around you. Quit as soon as you can to save your lungs, heart, teeth and years of your life.

95. Don't drink and drive. If you do overindulge in drinking, make sure not to get behind the wheel. Call a cab or get a sober friend to take you home instead.

96. Make sure you have emergency contacts. In case something does happen to you, make sure that the school and those around you know who to contact to get those you care about to you when you need their support.

97. Wear sunscreen. College kids on spring break aren't usually the first to whip out huge tubes on sunscreen to slather on. While getting a tan may prove you spent your break on a beach, it can also be a source of skin cancer, so make sure to protect yourself.

98. Ensure that your medical insurance covers physicians in the area. If you aren't going with your school's insurance plan, make sure that your parent's or your own insurance covers doctors in your area.

99. Monitor existing health conditions carefully. If you leave for college knowing you have a pre-existing medical condition, make arrangements to ensure that it's properly monitored while you're at school.

100. Be aware that health concerns differ for men and women. While men and women's anatomy is similar in many ways, some things that seem like they should be the same simply aren't. Educate yourself on the sex-specific aspects of wellness to keep yourself healthier and to know what to watch out for.

101. Assert yourself. Don't let anyone make health or wellness decisions for you that you feel uncomfortable with. If you don't want to eat that donut or have a drink, then don't.

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