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April 21, 2008

Exercises To Avoid When You Are Pregnant

Exercises To Avoid When You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is the time when a mom-to-be learns to be more responsible, caring and patient. It teaches you to compromise whenever, wherever possible. If you have been a fitness freak exercising regularly, keep it on hold now for some time. Pregnancy is absolutely a different stage that should be handled with utmost care. Give up all exercises to avoid during this phase. Some exercises might be ok for you during the early pregnancy but as it advances, it might harm you at any instance. That means the purpose of exercising is not met. So, why follow it?

Abdominal exercises should be the first ones among exercises to avoid. Also don’t lie on the back while you exercise as this hampers adequate blood circulation to your uterus. When it comes to aerobics, don’t even think of it. It would be as bad for you as falling. Don’t do exercises that involve shaking or jumping. Cycling and running too are not considered to be a good idea during pregnancy. Instead, you can walk down to your nearest park, but that too with care. Also, you can opt for certain pregnancy exercises that are meant especially for moms-to-be. These exercises not only refresh you but also prepare your body for labor. Consult your doctor and physiotherapist for further advice on this.

Attention, All You Adventure Lovers!

Adventure has been a major source of recreation for most of us. But, when your body needs extra care, it becomes a risk factor. It is ok you enjoy those breath-taking joy rides every time you visit your favorite amusement park, but now the situation is different. You have to keep yourself from falling or shock that might put an adverse effect on you and your innocent baby. Avoid it the same way as you skip those exercises mentioned above. Don’t make life for your baby a roller coaster, at least when he needs your protection and care. He can enjoy the same later in his life.

Rain, Rain No Need To Go Away

If it’s raining and you wish to enjoy any kind of sports outside, consider looking for some other indoor option for yourself. Even if it’s not raining, do not be a part of sports like hockey, baseball or basketball. Adventure sports like skiing, bunjee-jumping, para-diving or para-sailing should be just enjoyed watching from a distance. Be mature enough to ignore exercises to avoid and all such activities, as pregnancy is no joke. Your sense of responsibility for your baby starts now, from the very first day of your pregnancy. Take it seriously and be very careful throughout. Ensure yourself and your delicate baby a safe and secure future!

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