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April 16, 2008

Waste Ink Absorber Full - Canon IP 1000 Printer

Waste Ink Absorber Full - Canon IP 1000, 1500 Printer

Do you shocked this morning just to find out that Your “Waste Ink Absorber Full” on your Canon Printer? This warning made your printer useless because It cannot printing your works.

You have no money for service or change the waste ink absorber on your Canon. I know it could be very expensive. Don’t Worry... I have something that maybe can help your problem. Take it Easy, it’s FREE.

Canon Printer Motherboard System, will count how much time you had printing or change the ink tanks. After a couple of times your Canon System (Motherboard on your Printer) will stop your Printer because Canon think you waste ink absorber is FULL. So you need to replace your waste ink absorber to the new one. And It’s Expensive For Me. But there is a trick to reset the counter on your Canon printer motherboard;

Step 1: Manual for Service mode (1st method). Using manual way ( but not really effective ), because sometimes your canon will prompt the “Message” again. Here’s the trick:

  1. Unplug POWER Cable.
  2. PRESS and HOLD the POWER Button (While Disconnected From The Power Cord).
  3. Connect the POWER Cable (Still Holding The POWER Button).
  4. PRESS The Resume / Stop Button 4 Times while holding the POWER Button.
    • You'll see the Blinking Led Color keep changing from Orange to Green everytime you press the Resume / Stop Button.
  5. Then Release The POWER Button.
  6. Your printer will turn ON (It should not blinking anymore).
Step 2 : Using Software Tools (Reccomended), It can make your printer Permanent not showing the “Messages” again. Just Download Canon IP Series Resetter. Here's the Link :

HOW about, ip 1300, ip 1800, ip 1880, and other. Don’t Worry, bassically, almost all of the Canon resetting way using service tools is same. The only things you need to do is, use the right service tools.

Good Luck

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