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April 21, 2008

Herbalife Weight Loss Diet - Herbal Nutrition Supplement

Herbalife Weight Loss Diet
Driven By Herbal Nutrition Supplement

Whole industries have developed around the public desire for weight loss products. Take for example the large number of people who contribute to the manufacture and sale of the Herbalife weight loss diet. Yet nutritionists warn that any dieter could stand in need of a nutritional supplement. Their warning spurred creation of the herbal nutrition supplement.

The content of the herbal nutrition supplement, which is like the contents of all dietary supplements, has not been regulated by the government. Before widespread use of the Herbalife weight loss diet, the United States Congress passed a Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. In 1994 that Act defined the difference between a dietary supplement and a drug. That Act put the herbal nutrition supplement in a product category different from that of any over-the-counter medicine.

According to that Act, a product is a drug if the maker of the product claims that it can prevent, treat or cure a disease. The Act, therefore, drew a line between a drug and a herbal nutrition supplement. The supplement adds missing nutrients to the diet and does not promise treatment for a disease.

Individuals who undertake the Herbalife weight loss diet rely on the herbal nutrition supplement to provide the protein, vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in their diet. When individuals are at least 40% or more overweight, a willingness to try the Herbalife weight loss diet can bring the reward of rapid weight loss. Yet no individual should undertake the Herbalife weight loss diet without first consulting a physician.

The physician will make sure that the dieter uses the herbal nutrition supplement. The physician will monitor the patient for dangerous changes in his or her blood pressure, heart function, electrolyte levels, urine content or blood potassium. The physician will watch for signs that the body seeks relief from the demands place on it by the Herbalife weight loss diet.

If the herbal nutrition supplement works properly, the individual on the Herbalife weight loss diet should suffer no dry skin, hair loss, constipation, gum disease, sensitivity to cold or mood swings. A physician’s care guards the user of the Herbalife weight loss diet against body harm from unexpected side effects of adherence to the diet program.

Supported by their family physicians, many once overweight individuals have lost weight while using the Herbalife weight loss diet. Yet success with achieving weight loss does not always translate into success with maintaining a low body weight. Success with the Herbalife weight loss diet can, and has been, followed by repeated failures of the former dieter to keep his or her weight at an acceptable level.

Yo-yo dieting has been one of the greatest headaches of the health care industry. Only in the past three to four years have those who make money-selling food shown an increased willingness to encourage the intake of healthy foods, and the moderation of food consumption. People are more careful with what they eat, and are less apt to have need for Herbalife weight loss diet and herbal nutrition supplements.

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