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April 30, 2008

How To Hack PDF File ?

How To Hack PDF File

Like what we all known, the PDF File ussually can only be viewed using PDF Reader such as : Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, or other PDF readers. This means that the file in PDF format was protected, & can't be editted be the reader.

But, do you know that with some few tricks we can Hack the PDF File. Changing a parf or even all of the PDF content?. Here is the solution :
  1. Convert The PDF File Using Third Party Programs, such as : PDF2Word. This Programs can Convert PDF to DOC File (Can be editted using MS Word), RTF, or even ODT.
  2. Editted the new converted documents using an appropriate programs, such as MS Word, or Open Office.
  3. Save the changes that you've made.
  4. Use the Third Party Programs (PDF2Word) again to convert the DOC, RTF, or ODT back to PDF Format.
  5. Good Luck.
Please Note : Don't do this just for fun or just for giving other some false information, be a professional & a responsible writer.

Download PDF2Word Here
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