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April 14, 2008

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic - Part 3

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic - Part 3

Post video in YouTube

There are million of visitors viewing YouTube videos per day. Imagine having your URL exposed to millions of visitors. Wow! Here are some tips about posting videos helps market your website.

1. The video that you post should be related to the theme of your web page. This helps you to generate relevant visitors who are potentially interested in your content.
2. Videos should be attractive and original.
3. Post funny stuff. YouTube visitors love funny videos.
4. Post videos that touches on controversial topics. However be prepared to receive some unfriendly remarks.
5. Give you video an attractive title.
6. Submit relevant description and tags.
7. Submit the most attractive video still image.
8. If possible make this video and video response to other popular videos to increase viewer rates.
9. Place your URL in the description box, or even in the video itself. URL can appear at the end of the video or during the whole course of the video.
10. Post more videos!

Set up reciprocal links

When site A and site B both agree to place each other’s URL link in their website a reciprocal link is being set up.

Reciprocal links are important in determining your site traffic and more importantly it determines your Google PageRank. It will be good if you are able to set up reciprocal links with other sites that are of similar theme to yours. Setting up of reciprocal links to website which does not have relevant theme will only harm your Google PageRank.

Here are few basic steps to setting up reciprocal links.

1. Search for relevant sites that you want to set up a reciprocal link with
2. Create a link in your website to theirs
3. Send an email to notify them that you have placed their link in your site and hope that they will place a reciprocal link. Remember to include the page that you have placed their link in and your site URL.
4. Wait for 1-2 weeks.
5. Check back their site to see if they have created a link to your web page.
6. If there is not any link created, delete their link in your site. The Webmaster is most probably uninterested in creating reciprocal links.

Traffic Exchange Sites

Place your URLs in traffic exchange sites. Read Traffic Exchange Sites for more details.

RSS/Email Subscription/Newsletter

Make RSS, Email Subscription to new updates and a Monthly Newsletter available to visitors so as to get as many returning visitors as possible.

Place links in Social Networking Sites.

Place your site URL in MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster ect.

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