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April 14, 2008

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic - Part 2

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic - Part 2

1. Submit articles to article directories
2. Submit URLs to directories
3. Submit URLs to search engines
4. Submit your E-book to E-book directories
5. Submit testimonials

Submit articles to article directories

While submitting articles to article directories, you will be required to fill up a biography text box. Provide a short paragraph about yourself and add a link to your web page. Links can also be added in the article itself where appropriate.

Submitting articles to directories is a good way to reach out to more audience. If your article provides valuable content these audiences will most probably be interested about your web page and thus pay your site a visit.

Do not restrict your submission to just a few directories. Submit to as many directories as possible. Backlinks from these articles provides vital flow of traffic to your site.

Here is a list of article directories that you may want to submit to:

List of Article Directories

Submit URLs to directories.

When directories place a direct link to your web page it helps to improve traffic to your page and also your Page Rank. Submission of web page must be submitted to the correct category in the directories for maximum traffic flow. It will take some time for you to decide on which category your web page belong to but it is worth the time spent.

Some directories will require users to place a small button or a text link to the article directory. Remember to place the links if it is required of you to do so or else your web page will not be approved.

You will be able to find a giant list of blog directory here. The directories are ranked according to their Google PageRank and Alexa Rank. Very useful website.

List of Blog Directories

Submit URLs to Search Engines

There are billions of web pages online and thousands of them spring up like mushrooms daily. Crawlers from search engines may not crawl into every web page to check them out. Some web pages may not even be listed when a search is done. Hence it is vital for you to submit your URL to search engine so as to remind crawlers to check your site out.

Talking about search engines, the first search engine that pops into your mind will most likely be Google. Yes indeed, Google is the major search engine with probably more searches done than all the other search engines combined.

Submission to major search engines is a must.

Google, Yahoo, Msn - Introducing Your Web To The Search Engine

After submission to major search engines you may want to submit your URLs to other search engines.

Submit your E-books to E-book directories

Make your e-books widely available for the public. Write a short biography about yourself and place a link in the e-book back to your website.

Submit Testimonials

If you have tried out some software and feel that it is useful, feel free to email a testimonial about the software to the software creators. Leave some good comments, your name and a link back to your site at the bottom. If the creator find your testimonial useful they will publish it at their website along with your website link.

There are thousands of people who will be reading these testimonials before trying out the software. This generate lots of exposure for your link.

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