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April 05, 2008

Introducing Your Web To The Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN)

Introducing Your Web To The Search Engine
( Google , Yahoo , MSN )

Introducing (Indexing) your Web to The Search Engine actually very easy, but it'll seems a lot difficult for some newbie. Basically, there are 3 main steps to fulfill your purpose.

Indexing Your Web To Google

  • Visit Google Webmaster Tools (make sure you already have Google Account), Add Website URL, Verify the URL, Add Sitemap, and then just wait.

Basically there are 2 option how to verify our web. The First option is by Uploading a Spesific HTML, provided by Google on to the root directory of your Web. And the Second option, is by Inserting a Meta Tags Code into your web homepage. The Meta Tags Code should be place between <head> and </head> tag. Just place it After The <head> tag, or Before The </head> tag. The First option, usually been used by webmaster who have their own web hosting. While, the Second option, usually been used by blog member (Wordpress, Blogger, etc).

After verifying your Web, you'll need to insert a Sitemap. Just choose Sitemap Tab, Add Sitemap, and then choose Add General Sitemap. On the Sitemap URL menu, input your Sitemap address, "http://example.com/sitemap.xml". If you have your own Sitemap Script, just upload it to the Root Directory and then input the address. For Blooger users who redirect Blooger Feeds to FeedBurner, input this link as your Sitemap.


Indexing Your Web To Yahoo

  • Visit Yahoo Site Explorer, Add Your Website URL, Authenticated Your Web, and then just wait for Pending Authentication. :). You can also use this link My Yahoo!.
The same as Google Webmaster Tool, Yahoo also support automatic services for users to submitted a new website. The different here, is Yahoo also support Feeds facility, just like FeedBurner. Just like Google, after adding your Website URL, you'll need to Authenticated your Web. This authentication process also can be done in 2 option (by Uploading a Specific HTML, provided by Yahoo or by Adding Meta Tags Code into your Homepage).

Indexing Your Web To MSN

Unlike Google or Yahoo, Submitting your Website to MSN Explorer is more easy then the 2 before. Just Visit "http://search.msn.com/sg/docs/submit.aspx" and then wait.

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