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April 21, 2008

Go Organic! - Organic Food On Your Dining Table

Go Organic! - Organic Food On Your Dining Table

Thousands of years ago, people just went out and ate what was on the trees or anything that grew out of their gardens. Hundreds of years ago people started planting crops, growing them where they pleased so that there would be no problem in getting them anytime. But problems came when the land that they had was not that fertile. So we did something about it by adding pesticides on the land, and before we knew it, we were putting pesticides in our own food. Everything has gone out of control, and just about everything we eat nowadays has had pesticides applied to it.

But there is a strong movement right now for alternative food. All over the country people have been trying to look for these kinds of foods, and some farmers have gone a very long way just to produce some of the foods that are now called “organic.” Organic vegetables are basically the cleanest kind of food you can get: no pesticides on the produce or on the land. Just raw care for the farm animals and vegetables, which makes them healthy naturally.

Farm markets nowadays are teeming with these type of foods. But you don’t need to purchase all of your foods as organic. There are no organic sea foods that have been officially certified by the government, so you don’t need to go out and look for them. What you do need to look for are the types of beef, dairy and poultry products – they can easily be affected when certain types of chemicals are added to their meals. Add to that are spinach, potatoes, strawberries, pears and apples. If you want to eat organic foods, you should have organic foods.

On the other hand, you don’t need to buy organic foods of these types: bananas, pineapples, corn, cauliflower, and as previously said, sea foods. Studies have shown that these fruits and sea foods can’t have many pesticides even when applied on them. So you really don’t need to buy all of your vegetables and fruits as organic or else you will have a problem – financially.

That’s right. Organic foods are expensive. It will blow a hole in your budget if you are not careful with it. Why expensive? The farmers who grow these foods go a very long way before producing a single organic product. They have to go through hundreds of government certifications and tests on their soil and produce, and they have to shell out more money than the average farmer. Since they are growing organic, they also have to go through the extra mile of taking care of their surroundings. Not that the non-organic farms disregard their own, but the organic farmers need to be more aggressive, and will require not chemicals but hands in taking care of the veggies, beef and poultry.

You really don’t need to buy everything organic. There are only some fruits on the market that will seep more pesticides than the next fruit or vegetable. Just be sure to get those that are listed and you’ll be fine.

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