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April 14, 2008

Review - Pay Per Post


As the web name implies, www.payperpost.com pays you a sum of money for every post you make. Payment ranges from just $5 per post to more than $200 per post. However bloggers do not just write on any topic that they prefer.

Similar to Bloggertizer, advertisers approach PayPerPost and create opportunities for content creators to earn revenue. These opportunities includes advertising of a certain product, writing post to create awareness in a certain area, writing a comprehensive guide to using certain software and so on. There will be a description given by advertisers and bloggers who are interested in writing a post on that opportunity will have to follow the description closely.

Upon signing up, you will have to submit your blog for review before being able to start earning money. Upon approval, you can then begin to pick opportunities of your interest and you will have 6 hours to complete and submit your post.

There are also many requirements that determine if your blog is eligible for a certain opportunities. Advertisers will place restrictions on Domains, Google PageRanks, Minimum Alexa score, blog category, and locations.

Restriction on domain: certain blog domains for example, domains with blogger.com are not allowed to participate in this opportunity. Therefore if your blog domain is blogger.com, you are not allowed to take part in this opportunity.

Blog Category allowed: Opportunities will only allow blogs of certain category to participate. For example if the required blog category is entertainment but your blog is all about environment you will not be eligible to participate in this opportunity.

Location: For certain opportunities only resident of certain countries are allowed to take part.

Google PageRank and Alexa Rank: Some opportunities have restrictions placed on PageRank and Alexa Rank to ensure good amount of traffic to their advertisement. If your blog did not fulfill the requirement, you will not be eligible for this opportunity.

Upon completion, post will be submitted for review by PayPerPost panel and once approved, payments will be made.

For more info, visit PayPerPost FAQ https://payperpost.com/bloggers/faq.html

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