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April 21, 2008

The Basics of Detoxification Programs

The Basics of Detoxification Programs

Detoxification is one of the alternative medicines offered to the world. Right now, there are millions of medicines to choose from in any given condition. Whether it’s over the counter or prescribed, we all want to have something that will cure us immediately.

However, our body is not trained or created to deal with current medicines. These medicines, hands down, could remedy our physical pains. All we need to do is to take them according to recommended dosage and just wait for the cure to come. On paper, that sounds really nice as it provides the needed healing. But as we have said, our body is not equipped to handle this instant healing. These medicines can bring immediate healing, but usually they use unnatural substances to heal our body.

The end result is a body full of chemicals. These chemicals, although they were used to heal some of our sickness, bring with them side effects. And that doesn’t count our present food intake which is full of chemicals as well. Everything from sodas to microwave food comes with additives, and thus detrimental to our body.

Detoxification, by the word itself means it’s going to detoxify our body by removing all the harmful chemicals from our body. It’s considered as an alternate medicine since there are some who don’t really believe in it. But close investigation will prove that bad things are really flushed out of our body and it will ultimately release us from the side effects or even sickness brought by the chemicals from medicines or food intake.

There are different types of detoxification. They are usually dependent on where you want to be cleansed. Note that these are not for external part of our body (skin), but for the internal parts of our body. Liver and kidney detoxification programs are the most popular since liver and kidneys are considered the “dumping grounds” of all the bad things in our body. Although we have the natural tendency to flush them out, we can only flush out harmful chemicals from our body based on our health and age. The older we get, the slower our ability to flush the bad things from our body. But if we take too much food and medicine that are proven harmful, the liver and kidney cannot remove them all as they are stacked faster in our body. Detoxification aims to remove them all through techniques that increase the speed of getting rid of those bad chemicals.

Depending on your detoxification specialist, techniques on treating the internal parts of your body could vary. They could use herbal medicines as a food supplement. Not that these medicines are made with pure herbal so they don’t have any chemical content. They may prescribe you to drink juices and fast on food. This is sometimes drastic but has proven to be very effective especially for weight loss programs.

There are also free detoxification programs that you can try. The most popular is water detoxification. You just fast for an hour each morning while drinking 1.5 liters of water. Do that everyday and everything should be flushed out.

Detoxification is a good alternative if you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle. There are lot of ways to choose from so you will have something that will fit your current lifestyle and possibly, eating preferences.

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