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April 14, 2008

Error Code - E4 - Canon MP145 Printer

Error Code - E4 - Canon MP145 Printer

Do you have Canon MP145 Printer?

Do you have a problem about “E4 Error Code” on your Canon MP145 Printer? Don’t Worry Guys, I have something that maybe can help your problem. Take it Easy, it’s FREE.

Canon MP145 E4 Error Code means that your Printer didn't detect the Ink Cartrigde. It sometimes happen when you're using a non-original cartridge or infusing it. When Canon Printer detect this abnormality, the first Canon self defense system is by Stop Printing. And then displaying some messages on your Computer Screen, indicating that your ink cartridge have to be replaced because it's EMPTY.

Below are the manual way to correct this problem :
  1. Turn On Your Printer.
  2. Wait Till The Printer Led Screen Show The Error Code ( E4).
  3. Then Press and Hold Black & Color Button for about 5 - 10 seconds.
  4. Wowww. It's Fixed isn't it? :)
Good Luck.


Mr. said...


orangeoverhang said...

alternatively also try holding the stop/reset button for 5-10 secs

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