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April 21, 2008

Home Pregnancy Test - For Reliable Results Under Privacy

Home Pregnancy Test - For Reliable Results Under Privacy

Have you really missed your period? Are you not able to judge about the situation you are in? Feeling hesitant over going to the doctor for the check-up? Do not stress your mind wondering. Get yourself a good home pregnancy test kit and find for yourself. Yes, it is now possible to know the result without even involving your partner! You can surprise him with a bouquet and a sweet smile on your face, when he is back from work. All you need to do is just go to a nearby medical store and buy yourself a pregnancy test kit, manufactured by a reputed company.

It is as easy as playing a game

Home pregnancy test kits are available in compact size. Just like its size, its usage is also as easy. Take the strip out of the pack. At one end of the strip, you will find an absorbent where you will apply urine drops. Wait for 1-2 minutes and here you go! On the other end, there would emerge pink lines that would conclude whether the time for singing lullabies is approaching. If there are two pink lines, you are pregnant, and if there is just one, the result is negative. So it is just a matter of few minutes and you get the results. If you test after your first missed menstrual period, you will get accurate results, but if you make haste, chances are that you get misleading results.

How does it work actually?

During the initial phase of pregnancy, your body starts producing chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the presence of which is detected by the home pregnancy test kit. Initially it is not much in the urine, but by the time you miss your period, you can easily rely on the result as by this time it will be made in abundance in your body if you are pregnant. Although it is considered the most reliable method for testing pregnancy, there are chances of getting wrong results. At times, you forget the exact date of your period and thus calculate it wrong, which leads to negative results. In addition, the incorrect usage of the kit can prove you wrong. Sometimes, the intake of hCG in any kind medication misleads you. So, if you happen to get wrong results, do not blame it on the inability of the kit. First check other possibilities from your side.

So, before going for the home pregnancy test, know about the kit and the usage well. Wait for the right time to test yourself. Do not make haste. It is quite natural to lose patience when you have been trying hard to get pregnant. However, hold yourself until you miss at least one menstrual period, as that is going to give you the accurate result.

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