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April 14, 2008

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic - Part 1

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic - Part 1

1. High quality content
2. Unique Content
3. Fresh content
4. Join related forums
5. Leave comments in blogs

High quality content

This is probably one of the most crucial ways of attracting visitors to your site in the long run. Billions of Internet searches are done online daily with one goal in mind; the hunt for information.

Now lets ask ourselves why do we do searches online? Why do we hunt for information?
The answer is simple, to satisfy our thirst for information and to get educated about the topic that we are pondering about. Any content that does not serve to educate and inform readers will be deemed as low quality content.

Thus quality content is extremely important. Users will not favour low quality content. This implies that you will not be able to retain visitors to your site in the long run.

Unique content

Next factor will be how unique your content is. Imagine doing a search on ‘how to make money online’ and all the website offers the same technique and refer users to the same ‘money making’ websites.

How do you think the searcher will feel when they come across your site and find that it is no different from all the other sites out there? They probably close the window after browsing through your un-unique content for less than 15 seconds. Furthermore searchers will not remember your domain name, this implies a drop in return visitors.

Unique content is a huge factor in attracting high traffic flow.

Fresh content

Fresh content also plays a major role in helping to increase site traffic. Lets ask oursevles why is website like YouTube so popular? Firstly it is because of the great video provided by users from all over the world. Many users provides quality video that are unique, this brings us to our very first point, high quality and unique content.

Secondly it is because videos are being uploaded constantly. There are more than 65 000 video uploads per day in YouTube. This keeps the site content fresh. Every time when a YouTube user log onto the Internet they will make it a priority to visit YouTube.

Why? Simply to check out what’s new on YouTube.

This can be applied to your own website as well. Update new content constantly to keep visitors coming back frequently, to check out what’s new on your site. Preferably update your site once a day or at least twice a week to keep the stream of visitors flowing in.

You probably will not be able to see results in the short run. It takes plenty of time and effort to build up a reputation for your site but once it is up and running well, you will see that it is high quality, unique and fresh content that keeps visitors coming back.

Join related forums

One of the ways to get people to know that your blog or website exist is by spreading the news of your existence through forums. Forums are powerful tools that can help increase site traffic.

Point #1: Join the correct forum

If you are doing a blog on gardening it will be advisable to join a forum on gardening in order to fully publicize your blog. The rule is joining the forum that is related to the site that you are trying to promote.

Point #2: Be helpful and professional

Answer questions with accuracy and precision. Provide valuable insights, opinions and information for forum users. You may ask, how is being helpful related to publicizing my site?

By being helpful and answering question in a professional way, you are portraying yourself as an expert in your niche. It garners forum users trust in you and your content. This will be extremely useful when it comes to publicizing your website.

Point #3: Publicize your website without breaking forum rules

Different forums have different set of rules, which members must abide to. Some forums allow URLs in signature while others do not. If the forum that your join allows, by all means place your website URL in the signature with a brief and friendly description of your site. If the forum does not allow then don’t do it. You can publicize your website through posting in forum threads.

I said posting, not spamming. While helping forum members out, you may want do include a URL to certain pages in your website that has valuable information which can help answer the post. You may want to do it in this way, ‘… I have written an article that may help you in answering your doubts, here it is http://neobots..blogspot.com/
I suggest you to provide the URL straight to the article that is useful not just to the index page of your site. Forum members may have a difficult time locating your article and may see you as an unhelpful member.

Point #4: Never spam your URL

Spamming your URL will only make you look amateurish. It will not build up your reputation. In contrary, spamming will serve to tarnish you and your website’s reputation.

Yahoo! Answer

Yahoo! Answer is a page in Yahoo that provides a platform for users to post questions and help others to provide an answer. It is a useful tool for helping websites to improve traffic. Similar to helping our in forums, be helpful, be professional and provide your URL where appropriate.

Leave comments in blogs

When visit other blogs related to the subject of your webpage, you may choose to leave comments in their blogs and sign off with your name and site URL This is a good way to draw traffic from other sites to your own, however it may not work every time. The blogger may choose to delete your comment so as not to help you advertise your URL.

Take note, whatever comments you make can serve to build up your reputation or destroy it, hence think before leaving any comments. Point #2 and #4 in ‘Join related forums’ applies here.

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