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April 14, 2008

Review - Pay To Read / Pay To Click


Ever came across websites that offers to pay users for just clicking a link or viewing online advertisements? The Internet is actually flooded with such websites and people can make a few hundred dollars of extra cash per month from just viewing and clicking these online advertisements. These advertising websites are usually called Pay To Read (PTR) or Pay To Click (PTC). PTC and PTR are closely related; the only difference is PTCs requires users to visit the PTC web page to click on advertisements while PTRs send advertisements to your E-Mail inbox. In this article PTR and PTC are used interchangeably as they are almost similar.

How exactly does this work?

In a bid to increase their site traffic, many websites pay PTR/PTC sites to advertise their web page on the PTR/PTC sites. These PTR/PTC websites then pay a proportion of the total advertising revenue people like you and me to click/view these links and advertisements. This is in fact is a win-win situation for the advertised web page, the advertising website and to the people who click on the links.

After clicking on an advertisement link a new window that contain the advertisement will be launched. There will usually be a count down timer located at the top of the page. Timer countdowns generally start from 10 seconds up to 45 seconds. After the countdown users will be asked to click on a certain button on the top of the page to credit the payment for viewing this advertisement before they close the window. If users close the windows before the countdown ends or close without clicking on the button to credit them their payment, no payment will be made for viewing that particular advertisement.

Other than clicking and viewing advertisements, certain PTR/PTC web also offer pay-to-signup scheme. Users are required to signup as member in certain websites. These scheme ranges from totally free signups to trial signups to non-free signups. These signups often require the use of a credit card. Payouts are as high as 50 dollars per signup.

Now you will be asking, how much do I get paid for clicking and viewing these advertisements? I can't quote a specific amount of money you will be paid per click or per advertisement view as payment rates differs from site to site. But in general payment ranges from a mere $0.001 up to $0.10. Other than monetary incentives some of these sites pays their users in points. These points can then be exchanged for cash or can be used to advertise your own web page on that PTR/PTC website.

The number of advertisements available for viewing varies too. I have been to some sites that offer $0.01 per view but they only offer 1 advertisement per 2 to 3 days. While other that pays $0.001 per click offers up to 10 advertisements per pay. Eventually when you add your profits up there are actually not much difference between a web that pays well per advertisement but offers only a few compared to a web that pays low but offers many advertisements for viewing.

Often these PTR/PTC websites comes with a referral system. A referral system is where a user who is already a member of these get-paid website refers some else who is not a member yet to join these websites through a personal and unique referral link. Monetary incentives are often given to users who are able to get referrals. When their referrals begin to click and view advertisements, these users will also stand to gain a percentage of what their referrals earn. Percentage commission varies from just 1% to 100%.

Some PTR/PTC websites offers a one-tier referral system others offer multi-tier referrals system up to 7 tiers. The first tier being the people that you have directly referred to join the program, second tier being your referral’s referral third tier being your referral’s referral’s referral.. and so on. So every time one of the members under you earns a profit you earn a percentage commission of that profit.

Take note this percentage commission that you earn is not subtracted from your referral’s total earnings or from their referrals’ total earnings. For example one of your second tier referral makes a profit of 10 dollars this month (from clicking on advertisement and from his referrals). Lets say the percentage commission is 10 percent of the profit of your second tier referral; therefore you get a commission of 1 dollar from this referral. Your second tier referral still earns 10 dollars not 10-1=9 dollars. This is to clear a common misunderstanding that referrals income are being ‘leeched’ by those who referred them to the PTR/PTC sites.

Many PTR/PTC websites also offers premium membership signups. Premium members stand to gain more benefits through clicking/viewing advertisements. Some benefits include allocating new signup members as one of their referrals or more cash incentives from clicking/viewing advertisements.

There are many online PTC and PTR scams that users must take note of. Some PTR and PTC sites have unreasonably high minimum payout that may take too much time for users to cash their money out therefore before signing up for any of such sites, please read their Terms and Conditions, Private Policy and FAQ page to get a deeper understanding of how the site function and their payment methods.

I hope that this guide is useful, all the best!


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