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April 21, 2008

Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Surgery

Some people seek weight loss by eliminating all fat from their diet. Such people want to lose weight all over their body. Other people remain unconcerned about total body fat; they want to remove only the excess fat that has built-up within specific parts of the body.

The removal of fat from specific body regions is called liposuction. Doctors do not generally recommend using liposuction for weight loss. Liposuction targets fat in specific areas of the body. It is a way to achieve body sculpting.

During the first ten to fifteen years of its use, liposuction held slight appeal to the average overweight individual. Liposuction remained exclusively a cosmetic procedure. Few patients gave thought to using it for weight loss, because use of the liposuction procedure then required the anaesthetizing of the patient.

Within the past 18 to 19 years, however, the introduction of the tumescent technique has transformed the public view of liposuction. Doctors have emphasized the ability of the patient to resume everyday activities within hours of undergoing a liposuction. The doctors, most of them plastic surgeons, hoped to get more patients eager to benefit from body sculpting.

Unfortunately, doctors instead heard an increased demand that liposuction be used for weight loss. Some doctors, knowing that liposuction was not designed to be used as a method for weight loss, still complied with patient’s requests. Sometimes they enjoyed success, and sometimes the patients suffered terrible consequences, due to improper use of the liposuction tools.

During the liposuction procedure, the physician reaches into the fatty tissue with a long tube, what the physician calls a cannula. Normally, during any one liposuction, the physician uses a number of different cannulae. The cannula is hooked to a vacuum, and the vacuum draws some of the fat into the cannula. If the physician becomes hasty about the fat removal process, then areas of the fat can become stiff and rigid.

When doctors first started performing liposuctions, they had to anaesthetize patients, because otherwise insertion of the cannula would cause great pain. With the tumescent technique, however, a solution with a well-diluted numbing agent, and a well-diluted sedative, is injected into the spot where the patient wants fat removed. With the tumescent technique the numbing takes place over a confined area of fatty tissue.

Localized numbing has removed the need for a general anesthesia. Now, thanks to the tumescent technique, patients feel more at ease during the liposuction. Hence some patients have looked-at liposuction as an added weight-loss procedure.

Unfortunately, most patients fail to realize that one of the dangers of liposuction still remains. The patient must continue to rely on the physician to insert each cannula slowly and with care. If the physician tries to “poke around” in the fatty tissue with a cannula, the tissue is apt to become scarred. A scar in fatty tissue is as hard and ugly as a scar on the skin. Such scarring has the ability to undo the emergence of a beautiful body, as expected from a procedure that calls for body sculpting.

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