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May 02, 2008

Taboo Things About Search Engine Optimization

Taboo Things About Search Engine Optimization
Must Be Avoided By All WebMaster

Basically, there are a lot of SEO Tips, & Trick around the Net. But, don't you know that there are few thing that needed to be avoid in order to implement those Tips & Trick. This things is called Toboo in SEO World. What do you intent to do with SEO? Yes, It's all about Page Ranking. Every WebMaster wants their WebSite to become no. 1 in Search Engine Ranking. There are a lot of thing that can be done. But there are some thing that MUST BE AVOIDED. Here, I'll describe 9 Mayor things that MUST BE AVOIDED to make your WebSite Famous.

Here are the SEO Taboo List. Read It, Implement It, & Optimize It : :)
  1. Avoid Stuffing Keywords In Invisible Text Using CSS / JS / Flash. Read This.
  2. Avoid Purchasing Links. Earn It. Read This.
  3. Implementing Duplicate Content. You will be Doomed to The Net Hell. Read This.
  4. 302 - Temporary Redirections. Search Engines Spider just doesn't like it.
  5. Use Session IDs on your URLs. Search Engines will not understand. Use Simple Language.
  6. Implementing your site in Flash, Your content is not in readable format for search engines.
  7. Use lots of JavaScript. Search Engines Spider will stop crawling your web when he meet a Java Script Code.
  8. Avoid linking to your Homepage. But... Read This.
  9. Cloaking / Doorway pages. Watch Out, even an amatures know what you're doing.
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