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May 05, 2008

Type Of Links - Choose Wisely - Complete Guide For WebMasters

Type Of Links - Choose Wisely

Type of Links

Over the years, different types of links have come up. It is essential for a link builder to know the difference between each kind of link to be able to judge its quality and importance.

One Way Links/Non-reciprocal Links

One way links are the most precious links for a website, especially if the quality of incoming one way links is also good. Usually, sites providing useful content to visitors over a long period of time get a lot of natural one-way links to their websites. One way links are given the most importance as they are not manipulative in any manner. People link to a website with related Keywords and Anchor Texts as they find appropriate, according to the theme of the website they are linking to.

Two Way Links/Reciprocal Links

Two Way linking or Reciprocal Links are also called Link Exchange. The two websites come to an agreement of putting the other website’s link on their website in exchange of a link to their website. Search Engines have now started giving less importance to Two Way links, due to the exploitation they have received at the hands of spammers and other black hat SEO practicing individuals.

However, this does not mean that two-way linking or link exchange is no longer being used by Website owners and webmasters. Two Way links with related websites can be extremely beneficial for a websites presence over the Internet.

The biggest drawback of link exchange is the amount of time and effort that goes in the entire process. At times, it can be very time consuming to find good link partners, email them, add a link to your website, and then check back if they have linked to your website or not. In that case, you either end up sending them another reminder email, removing their link on your website, or simply forget about the link that was added by you in your links page, but never reciprocated.

Three Way Links

Over time, Search Engines started giving less importance to Two-Way links or Exchanged links. As a result, webmasters came up with another method of tricking the Search Engines in exchanging links with other website. In three-way links, 3 websites are involved in the exchange rather than 2 websites interlinking each other.

In three way linking, website A links to Website B, which links to Website C, which in turn links back to Website A. Hence, Search Engines consider that a Website A is linking to B, but B is not linking back to A; hence it could be a one-way, non-reciprocal or incoming link.

However, Search Engines like Google are able to detect three-way and four-way links also to some extent, and this practice is becoming unpopular among webmasters due to its over-complicated nature.

Deep Links

Deep Links are links pointing to internal pages of your website. These pages could be important landing pages covering other related and important Keywords of your site theme. It is equally important to get deep links to your webpages as it is to get links for the home page of your website.

Links from FFA Sites and Link Farms

Not all websites over the internet are good. So care must be taken when choosing link partners for your website. You should avoid websites that are banned on Search Engines. Similarly, you should avoid Free For All Sites, also known as FFA Sites.

FFA Sites and Link Farms are those websites which have hundreds and hundreds of unrelated links all on one page. These pages often have automated link submission forms, which they use to collect emails and other related information like name from you, which are later used to send email spam.

Good webmasters will always avoid submitting links to such farms, and will also NEVER link to any FFA Site. However, webmasters cannot completely control where their links are submitted or added, which is why extreme care must be taken in identifying these websites.

A good indication of FFA sites and Link Farms is that they have hundreds of unrelated and spam links, mostly going to adult or medical websites. These websites are also penalized by Search Engines and usually have PR 0 and are banned by Search Engines. Submitting to these should be avoided and linking to them should be avoided at all costs.

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