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May 21, 2008

Select Boot Camp Startup Disc Sans Keyboard

Select Boot Camp Startup Disc Sans Keyboard

If you own an Intel-based Mac, and have installed Windows on it via Apple’s Boot Camp, then you’re familiar with how you tell your Mac whether to boot into OS X or Windows :
  • Just Hold Down The Option Key At Startup, and then
  • Use The Arrow Keys or Mouse to Choose The Windows or OS X Partition.
But here’s a fun alternative — good for those situations when you can’t reach the keyboard after choosing to reboot.
  • Make Sure You Have The Apple Remote In Hand, and
  • Press and Hold the Menu Button During Startup. Just as if you were at the machine, the boot loader will appear.
  • From here, Use The Forward & Backward Buttons To Cycle between the two operating systems, and
  • Activate The Desired One By Pressing Play. No muss, no fuss, no keyboard required.
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