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May 19, 2008

Want To Zoom / Enlarge Your MacOS Screen?

Want To Zoom / Enlarge Your MacOS Screen?

If you find interface elements too small to read comfortably, OS X will let you zoom in for a better look. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, click on Universal Access, and, in the Seeing tab, enable the Zoom option.

Now when you press 1-option–equal sign (=), whatever is on your display will be enlarged. (Use the equal sign that appears at the top of the regular keyboard rather than the one on the keypad.)

Press 1-option-hyphen (–) and the display zooms out. If your mouse has a scroll wheel or scroll ball, you can also zoom in and out by simply holding down the control key while moving the scroll wheel up and down.

By clicking on the Options button next to the Zoom entry, you can set the maximum and minimum zoom levels and decide how you want the display to react to your cursor; whether it should scroll only when the cursor reaches the edge of the screen, follow the cursor continuously, or keep the cursor centered. To quickly turn the zoom feature on or off, press 1-option-8.

Zoom with the Trackpad

By default you can just hold down the control key and use your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in and out on your display. But how can this be accomplished on a laptop that offers no scroll wheel? Universal Access offers this cool zooming feature: on Apple laptops that allow two-finger scrolling, press control and use your two fingers on the trackpad. Drag them up and the screen zooms; drag them down and the image shrinks back to normal size.

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