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May 01, 2008

Quick Guide To Playing DotA Using GG-Client

Quick Guide To Playing DotA Using GG-Client

By writing this quick guide, I am assuming the following:
  • The player has already participated in a multi-player DotA game via LAN.
  • The latest GGClient software (Click Here To Download) has already been properly installed on the player's computer.
  • All the player needs is connecting to the GGClient to play DoTA.
Now here's my quick guide on how to play DoTA using GGClient.

Step 1

After successfully installing the GGClient setup on your computer, run the executable file GGlient.exe (from your Desktop or Program Files folder). A login screen will be displayed.

GGClient Sign-up

Step 2

Register for a GGClient account by clicking on the "Sign Up" area in the screen. This will take you to the GGClient site (will open in a browser).

GGClient Site Register

Click on the "Register" link. After agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, you will go through the account creation process by filling up a form with your desired user name, password, email, etc. Your GGClient account will be active after shortly after a successful confirmation from the site.

Step 3

From where we left off Step 1, enter you user name and password on the GGClient login screen. GGClient will check its version and will update if necessary.

GGClient Update

A successful login will bring you to the GGClient main screen.

Step 4

To play GG-LAN Games, you must configure the GGClient settings.

GGClient Settings

In the case of WarCraft III map DoTA, select War3 TFT RPG from the GG-LAN Games on the Game Settings tab. Fill in the "Game Executable" field with the path to War3.exe inside the installation directory of WarCraft III in your computer.

GGClient Settings - set up game executable war3.exe

After configuring the correct settings, you are now ready to enter a room and join a Warcraft map game.

Step 5

On the main screen, select War3 TFT RPG from the list of LAN Games. Rooms from different locations will be shown. If you wanted to join your Pinoy friends, select Philippines.
Each room shown in the list will display the number of users inside. Make sure to choose one that's not yet full.

GGClient join room

Or else you'll get this.

GGClient room is full

You will be asked to wait for a few seconds until GGClient connects you to the room.

GGClient join room wait

A chat room will open where you can talk with other players.

Step 6

Press that "Start Game" button.

GGClient Start Game

WarCraft III will automatically open upon button click. At this point, you may not need the following steps if you've already been playing WarCraft III games before.

Step 7

In the WarCraft III (Frozen Throne) screen, choose LAN Games from the options.

GGClient WarCraft III

Since you are connected to GGClient, a list of games will be shown in the proceeding screen. Each list shows the game creator and the number of open slots in the game. Please take note that the list may include other WarCraft III maps other than known DoTA versions.

Step 8

To join a game, double click the name of the player. If you wish to create your own game, choose "Create Game" button and double click the name of the map (DoTA) you'd like to play.

GGClient WarCraft III Lan Games

Another screen with the names of players (including yours) from both teams will be shown. You may talk to them using the chat interface below.

GGClient WarCraft III Ready

Step 10

At this point, you're ready to play DoTA! All that's left for you to do is wait for the game creator to start the game.

Enjoy playing!

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