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May 21, 2008

Make Your Own Shortcuts In MacOS

Make Your Own Shortcuts In MacOS

You know you waste time whenever you reach for the mouse to activate commonly used commands. But what if the command’s keyboard shortcut is awkward, or there isn’t one for something you do a lot? Here are some tips, on how to create & manage your own shorcuts key in MacOS.
  1. Open up the System Preference Pane
  2. Go To Keyboard & Mouse Preference Pane,
  3. Choose Create Your Own Shortcuts, and then
  4. Change a Shortcut
It’s a snap to reassign a shortcut if it’s listed in the Keyboard & Mouse preference pane’s Keyboard Shortcuts tabs. Just double-click on the existing shortcut and then press the combination you’d rather use. You can use the Keyboard Shortcuts tab to change not only program-specific but also systemwide shortcuts.

This can be helpful if a standard shortcut is hard for you to remember, or when a shortcut in one program has a completely different function in another. Create a New Shortcut The Keyboard Shortcuts pane is also useful when you want to create shortcuts for commands that don’t have them—even a systemwide command such as Sleep.

How To Make a Sleep Shortcut

To make a sleep shortcut, just follow this instruction :
  1. Click On The Plus Sign (+) in the Keyboard Shortcuts Tab,
  2. Set The Applications Pop-Up Menu To All Applications,
  3. Type Sleep (Capitalization Counts) in the Menu Title field,
  4. Go To the Keyboard Shortcut Box,
  5. Press The Shortcut You Want To Use, and then
  6. Click on Add.
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