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May 05, 2008

Getting Ready For Your Links Campaign - Complete Guide For WebMasters

Getting Ready For Your Links Campaign

Before you start your links campaign, you need to go through a number of necessary steps, before actually sending your first email to any prospective link partners for an exchange. The steps involved include Keyword Search, Making Link Texts and Descriptions for your website which other webmasters and website owners will use to link to your website, creating your link pages and putting them online where you will be adding other link partners website links on your site. Most important of all, you need to have a fully functional and complete website which offers something useful to the visitors. If your website has a poor user interface or a broken web design, or has nothing unique to offer to the visitors, it is highly likely that your link building effort will go to waste. Each of these points is discussed in detail below:

Making a Functional Website

The most crucial part of your entire links campaign is to have a proper functional website ready to attract visitors and traffic to it. If your website is still in its development stages, or you need to put more content on your website, you should wait and complete the pending tasks before you start a links campaign for your website. Most webmasters think that putting together one or 2 pages is enough to start marketing a website. This is completely wrong!

The design and User Interface of a website are some of the important factors which should never be ignored if you are serious about your online presence. Usually, a slow loading website or a poorly designed site will loose its traffic to competitors.

So before you start sending any email or directory submissions for your website, make sure the website is complete and functioning properly.

Identifying Your Website Theme

The next important step is to identify your Website theme for which you will be collecting links. This might seem unnecessary to some webmasters, but it’s a very important step and should not be avoided.

By identifying your website theme, you will be in a position to identify your competition and some broad keywords that describe your website. These will help you find good and related link partners easily once you start your link building campaign.

Competitor Analysis

Once you have identified your theme and identified some broad keywords after some brainstorming, you should find out who your competitors are. You can do this by searching for the keywords you chose in the last step on Search Engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

At this point, it is extremely necessary to use different Search Engines as different websites could be ranking high on different Search Engines. Once you check your keywords on all 3 search engines, and visit the top 10 websites for those keywords, you will exactly know the websites that are consistently showing on all the 3 Search Engines. These websites are actually your competitors.

Next, you should be analyzing their incoming links to see which websites link to your competition. You can use free online tools that can list the backward links for these websites, like Link Popularity Check (LPC) mentioned earlier in the guide, or simply use the Search Engine queries to find inbound links to these websites.

When you look for the incoming links to these websites, be sure to note down the Keywords other websites are using to link to them. You should add these Keywords to your list of Initial Keywords as they will help you come up with more related Keywords or Key phrases that could be related to your website theme.

Keyword Analysis

Once you have an expanded list of Keywords, you should use some Keyword Research Tool like WordTracker, Overture or the External Keyword Ideas Tool at Google Adwords. Search for Keywords that are highly searched and identify them. Try different combinations to get more highly searched keywords and key phrases that describe your business or website theme.

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